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January 04 2008

Bid for Terrify'n Space Monkeys signed by the Firefly cast. The first Terrify'n Space Monkey bears Adam Baldwin's signature and proceeds will go to Kids Need To Read.

Everything's better with a monkey.
ooh they're cute!! How is that terrifying? (no, really, I get the reference), but awwwwwwww :)
Don't kids need to spell and punctuate, too? Is it "terrify'n" or "terrif'yn"? or "terrifyin'"? Well, as long as the proceeds buy books, what do I care?
Well, it is technically "terrifyin'", but we thought they looked cuter as "terrify'n". I know, we are a literacy organization, but it just seemed more verse-like to write it a little wacky.

I should also point out that the shirts are hand painted by a really sweet kid. She created the original space monkey on her own and that's how she spelled it. We thought we'd keep it as the original. In fact, if you look at Adam's shirt, she put the apostrophe in the wrong place- "terrif'yn". I think it's adorable. :)

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