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January 04 2008

Game Geeks reviews Eden Studios' Angel RPG. This has a good amount of detail on how the game plays and how it relates to the Buffy RPG and other games.

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I've never really got how a RPG is played. Is there a FAQ around? Sounds interesting.
There are lots of introductions for a variety of games. Many games' core rulebooks, including the ones for Buffy, Angel and MWP's Serenity, include "how to play RPGs" sections in their introductory chapters.

As an example, check out the introductory adventure for Buffy here. It has a lot of helpful examples, and it covers the simple system Buffy and Angel share very well. Start with "play the game" on the right sidebar.
I own this game myself (and all the other Buffyverse supporting material that Eden Studios released), I completely agree with the Game Geeks review. They got it dead on. It's a really fun game as well, if anyone's into tabletop RPGs it's one of the best to pick up. Really simple and easy to learn--but true to the universe.
Eden's a class act and they do very fine work (and I say that sincerely as a fan; they're not one of the publishers I work with). Both Angel and Buffy are standout examples of how an excellent licensed RPG is made.
Eden Studios, by the way, is also doing the upcoming Ghosts of Albion RPG, based on the books and BBCi animated series by Amber Benson and Christopher Golden. And, I might add, its been specifically designed to be completely compatible with the Buffy and Angel RPGs.

Anyone ready for a Tamara/Willow/Fred team-up? ;)

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