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January 04 2008

No new Bones till May sweeps. TV Guide's Ausiello has the bad news (though there is a small silver lining).

*sniffle* I miss Bones :(
double *sniffle* season 1 and 2 DVDs are going to be put to good use during this long wait...I love my squints!
Oh, man, I wish they'd make up their minds, they just said it was going to be in February. *kicks stupid AMPTP*
While this is lousy news, my bigger question is when and if we're going to get more past this first half of season 3.
I know, it's all a matter of when the strike ends. At least I'll have time to catch up on my growing DVD collection.
I think by implication we are not going to get a second half of season 3.

I'm sorry to hear this news, but it doesn't surprise me much. After all, the networks need something new to show during the Mapril sweeps.
This pretty much trumpets the fact that Fox does not see the strike ending until this summer.
Or at least that they want the WGA to think they don't.
That is somewhat dreadful. I don't think I can wait that long! I support the writers, but I miss my favorite shows! I'll just have to go back to my DVDs.

This will be an interestingly short season...
*brings out her list of "Books to Read"* Hmmm, which should I start with first.
Very, very sad....
I wish someone would tell me why I find Emily Deschanel so compelling. She's certainly not a classical beauty. Is it her eyes, husky voice, square jaw, remarkable complexion, or the combination of everything?

She's the main reason I'll miss Bones over the next few weeks...

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Of course the studios will have to plan as if the strike will still be going for the foreseeable future. From a purely business stand point, you can't leave the schedule empty. It's easier to refigure things to work in new material than it is to scramble for content at the last minute.

Personally, I can wait for Mapril for my Bones fix. But I won't be watching the reality junk they air between.
wow thats a great big hunk of mucho depressing news... looks like I'll have to regress back to rewatching my bones DVDs again for the bagillionth time until may comes along. This is sucky!
*sigh* I appreciate UST on a tv series, and don't really want it resolved until the final episode (those of you who are as old as I am, remember what happened to "Moonlighting"?), but to have no relief whatsoever until May? That's torture. I'm appreciating this series, the r'ship b/t Bones and Booth, and the whole ensemble cast, more and more. I really like the way the series creators develop r'ships (of the nonromantic, non UST kind) between the various characters, as in the way Hodgins and and Booth team up in "Two Bodies in the Lab." Waiting until May will seriously suck.

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