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January 04 2008

Top DVDs of 2007. Birmingham Weekly chooses the Serenity Collector's DVD as one of the top for 2007.

So as to not start another "best of" threads, PrideSource listed Waitress in their best of the year movies.

Pride Source Blog Link
The box for the collector's edition is so pretty!
I thought "The Descent" kinda' tickle the brain a bit.
Cool! This is my hometown weekly and a must-read for its excellent political reporting -- and, clearly, good taste in movies.
My wife wondered why I bought the CE, and then we watched the special features and she, like me, was weeping with joy at the wonderfulness of it all, of them all.

/sniff. I LOVE these people.
Yay for recognition!

Beautiful set.
Woot! Finally, some good news from my corner of the 'verse!
Hey guys, I'm new to the site. But since we're talking about Serenity, anyone remember the line at the end of the movie, when they're going down to the planet, and Wash is all, "I'm a leaf on the wind..." Then Mal asks, "What does that mean?" But in the movie, Wash screams, "I DON'T KNOW!" But the line was omitted in the DVD cut? I thought it was a funny line, just didn't know why it was cut. Anyone know why?
Are there any plans to release the collector's edition on HD-DVD?
duh, course we've been seeing you, Unpluggedcrazy. Welcome!

Chris, you lost me with "CE"?
That is sweet news! And I figure Chris meant "Collector's Edition." You know, I haven't even watched the special features yet! Must do ASAP!

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