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January 05 2008 has video of Summer Glau. If you don't live in Los Angeles, or if you just missed the KTLA Morning Show yesterday, you can watch a portion of Summer Glau's visit to the set to talk about her new role in "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles."

Be warned: The interviewer has no clue.

"The Interviewer has no clue."

-That's no joke! Summer does a fine job of compensating, IMO. She kept her composure and did very well. When she interviews, she is very much the 26 year old that she really is. Yet, she apparently can still pull off "High School Girl". Talent. :)
Preaching to the choir here.
I caught this when it aired yesterday. Summer was there for a while before that clip starts. They made her sit on set through a Britney Spears story and they even asked her to comment on it. It seemed really awkward. They mentioned a few of Summer's other "primetime appearances" during her intro but no mention of Firefly.
Holy hell and a hand basket of interruptions!
They made Summer comment on a Britney Spears story? The fiends!
Actually, I'm surprised it was on KTLA, the WB affiliate, instead of on KTTV, the Fox station. I'm hoping if Summer is on Good Day, L-A, the news anchors will have a better understanding of her role on the show...and the show, for that matter.
Anybody know the air date of the two-hour premiere and the date when the episodes are regularly going to air.

I hoping it is not Sunday, because the last new filmed episode of Desperate Housewives in on. Nathan...
Sorry Anonymous1, but I am pretty darn sure the pilot episode airs Sunday, January 13th at 8PM and Monday, January 14th at 9PM on the Network I Refuse to Name (aka NIRN aka Fox). My hope is that the NIRN will learn from Drive and not take the double showing of the pilot as ample enough opportunity for viewers to pick up on the show...

No, that is good. January 13th is next next Sunday.
impalergeneral, Summer and Thomas Dekker have already appeared on Good Day LA, right before Christmas. They were interviewed by the fill in hosts, not the regular crew. The interview is here; maybe she'll return before the premiere.

Anonymous1, the show's schedule, from the FOX press release, is over at the futon critic.
Wow, that was a perfect example of both sides of the professionalism coin. The interviewer hadn't seen the films, hadn't seen the pilot, hadn't, it would seem, even been briefed about the premise ("So, do you transform ?" WTF ?) and yet Summer stayed cool, explained the basics clearly and succinctly and laughed off the worst of it (and it - almost ;) - goes without saying but she looked fab doing it too).

Interesting though that it sounds as if they're actually trying to stay within the film continuity to some extent. I'd thought they were just blowing off 'Terminator 3' but from what Summer says it seems like this Sarah Connor may also be "destined" to die.
Saje, I agree with you about the total lack of professionalism of that interviewer. I couldn't get over how clueless she was about her interview subject and pop culture in general. I mean, who in Hollywood hasn't seen The Terminator? It's not exactly some obscure Swedish art flick from the 1950s. Heck, at least don't be dumb enough to publicly admit how ignorant you are. A mere 15 minutes of research on her part would have opened up a whole host of interesting questions. At least Summer was a pro about it. And as lovely as ever. :-)
Summer is getting real good at this kind of thing. And that interviewer definitely is in Summer's debt.
I'd thought they were just blowing off 'Terminator 3' but from what Summer says it seems like this Sarah Connor may also be "destined" to die.

At the Q&A yesterday, one of the executive producers (can't remember his name, not Josh Friedman), said this is a completely separate timeline. In T3, Sarah was dead before Judgment Day in 2004. Maybe what Summer meant is that it's the dynamic of the older John and Sarah fighting Skynet, that was skipped over in the T3 timeline.
The interviewer really is clueless... but at least she got Summer's name correct. The last interview she did on TV, she got called Sarah.
Wow, what a gaggle of gibbering idiots. I mean, seriously, does almost every talk show/interveiw thing require a complete ditz to run it? Or are all the intelligent people caught up doing politics...

...Yah, no, can't be that.

It's just sad that people supposedly in the "Entertainment Industry" can know so little. I mean, it's the frigging Terminator, It's James Cameron's second and third best films!!

*Cameron's best film is Aliens.

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