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January 06 2008

SlayAlive Reviewer Praises the Premium Format Spike figure.

And right after they made me want to buy it, they told me the price. LOL

Nice link. I punched up the link title a bit for excitement value. ;-)
Thanks ;) Im never good with attention grabbers. LOL
I really really wanted one of these, but the price is a deterrent.I actually have bid on ebay many times but always end up losing out to a higher bidder.
Xane, I think has a Buffy market type place. You should try posting a Wanting Premium Format Spike thread.
These figures are beautiful, but seriously, with a price like that... I always think: Do I want to buy a Whedonverse figure... Or buy a plane ticket?
Maybe as a birthday present to Self :-)
Valentyn--I ordered both this and the Premium Buffy late last year and got them when they were released. I remain stunned by how beautiful they are--the sculptor (Oluf Hartvigson) did a near-perfect job. I was working a lot at the time, so I could afford them fairly easily.

this year, on the other hand, has been awful for work (I'm an editor in Hollywood) and I'm thoroughly broke...I idly glanced at the figures the other day and thought "well, I could sell those...", but before I could even complete the thought, I vetoed it. those will be among the last things I sell, ever. they're just that good.

but given your conundrum (figure or plane ticket), if I hadn't bought them already, the plane ticket would look pretty good to me, too. :)
Annagranfors, you make me want those figures really badly :-) As I said, birthday present to Self, hehe. And I hope your Self will get more work soon, so you don't have to even think about selling the existing figures. Let's hope Hollywood gets its act together soon! Good luck :-)
I want Ripper, gorramit!

I'm still miffed DST stopped the line; not that I need another Giles (I've got the original release, and a custom Tony I had sculpted for my custom Otto.)'s Ripper! I mean, c'mon!

I've got MAC Buffy & Giles, Season Five Angel, OMWF Anya (She has no pupils. It's eerie.), Dopplegangland Willow & Hush Tara. I need a Xander. And I wouldn't mind a Faith.

Maybe if I win the lottery...
My kids went in together to buy this for me for my birthday. I just love it! The face, the pose, the hands, all of him is just perfect! I have it sitting next to the couch where I sit and beside him on the wall is a Spike collecter plate that my future daughter-in-law just bought me for Christmas. And speaking of Christmas, I had a santa hat and scarf on my Spike and he was all set for the holidays! Life is good.
I have had to separate my PF Spike from my PF Angel. They are always bickering with each other.

But seriously folks, I own all the PF statues and I do a little happy dance every time I see them. They are works of art.
Hi SNT! Nice to see you back on the boards!!! Anywho, I collected the 12" Sideshow line and was always quite pleased with them. Would have loved to be able to afford the Premium Format ones too but just can't justify spending that kind of money. That said, if they ever did a Firefly line I would cave in a heartbeat!! Or if they did an Illyria I'd have to buy that one!! I thought both Spike and the two Buffy versions looked great but the PF Angel's human face is not very good at all. His vamped out face is excellent!!
I treated myself to the exclusive version of both this and the Angel one.

The Angel version is reasonable, but the Spike is superb! A wonderful likeness. If you can afford it, it's a 'must have' for any Spike fan.

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