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January 06 2008

ANGEL Guest Star Jeremy Renner (Penn) Suffers 50-Foot Tree Through His House.

Ouch that looked painful. As for running from it I would say was not a cowardly act but a smart one, sometimes your instincts know best.

Ok who can come up with the best stake joke? Because you know there has to be one.

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Aww poor guy, thankfully no one was hurt!
Yikes! That is quite scary!

RavenU, I got nothing.
He's a really nice fellow (and, of course, this would be dreadful even if he weren't)! While I know there's no malice intended, I'm disinclined to make light of the situation.
It kind of brings these storms home to those of us who seem to be missing the worst of them.
RavenU, I thought the same thing when he made that comment. Man vs. 50 foot tree - ain't no shame in runnin' from that battle. Glad that no one got hurt. :-)
Woah, that was one tall tree. I imagine that was very scary being in the house when it happened. I'm glad no one was hurt.

Ozlady-Speaking as someone who had a 50 year-old oak tree dumped on my roof by Hurricane Rita, it's either a laugh or cry situation. I think Jeremy Renner showed a lot of class in that interview.
Ah, last time I saw JeremyR was on House... he did really good. I'm glad he didn't hesitate to run. Actually, I don't think a situation like that allowed for a moment of contemplation – instincts took hold. And thank God they did. I hope his mom is well! menomegirl, glad you're okay as well.

A friend of mine who saw this merely shook her head and said, "Nature has stopped waiting for people to open their eyes and sadly had been trying to open them itself". Sad fact, but true. I'm so happy that no one was hurt… but this wasn't the first time something like this happened nor would it be the last - and worse. I really hope that humanity can finally focus on the big picture (the planet) and find it as a literal common ground to work together to right the wrong we've inflicted despite differences.

*bows down off her makeshift soap-box and blames near OT-ness on lack of sleep due to spooky unrelenting nightmares*
Trivia question--what other Buffy/Angel alum hails from Modesto? Yep, James Marsters...

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