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January 06 2008

Fan Organizes a Fundraiser in Honor of SMG's 31st Birthday in April. Goal: Raise 13,500 Swedish crowns.

That sounds really nice! Thank you for posting this!
Wells, huh ?

According to she will be doing the rounds in February including Letterman/Ferguson for TAIB, hopefully she will have something to say about the strike as well.
Well, at the top end of it, 13,500 is $2295. If I can donate money for pencils, surely I can donate money for a village to have water. I think this is a wonderful idea.

They stand at $100 so far. I'm in for $10 this week.
This is great! A project like this is brilliant, hats off to the brains behind it! I'll throw in some cash too.
I'm a little nervous about giving my credit card info to a Facebook application. I'd be more comfortable if they were using paypal.
I would like to donate, but I don't want to join Facebook, nor would I like to give my info to a group I know nothing about. It's a great idea and I would hope that they would add Paypal to their options.
Well, I decided to give it a try. The site seems secure and uses something called, which seems to be a secure site for giving to charitable causes, so I donated. Yea me!
What the hey. If fidhle has the chutzpah, so do I. Donation donated.

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