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January 06 2008

Bif Naked 'ready for the fight'. Buffy soundtrack and Harsh Light of Day alum Beth Torbert is battling breast cancer with an impressively positive attitude and plan to kick ass. Godspeed, girl.

I'm stunned by the news. Let's think good thoughts for her, as her band was an important part of that episode.
Impressive attitude. "Lucky" is great, if you can listen to it without thinking about what went on while it was soundtracking.
Wishing her all of the best in her fight.
Who-uh! Best of luck to her!
Sending out blessings to a brave and talented woman.
It's all the news up here in Canada. And kudos to her for going so public. I'm sure she reminded many many women to do a self examination.
good luck . your music is amazing
I'm sending good thoughts for her and her family. What a strong, amazing woman!

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