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January 07 2008

(SPOILER) New pics of James Marsters in Torchwood. The Sun's website has two new images from the show. Judging by the online reaction so far, they have a wow factor of 11. And the BBC has put up a new image as desktop wallpaper .

Wow factor of 11? 12? 13?

They do wow.....
Lookin' forward to the new season! Marsters is definitely a plus.

They do wow.....

The headline was going to be "Pics of two hot men snogging" but that would have been too spoilerish :p.
And that would have been such a great title! :P
And talk about what an attention graber it would have been!
Definitely looking forward to January 16th !
::fans self::

Thanks for the link, Simon. I didn't have you pegged as a Sun reader though!

::fans self some more::
I have never known James to do anything by half measures. So I am expecting this scene to explode off the screen. Or possibly it will just be me combusting. I can feel the heat already!
So not into spoilers, but since we here in the U.S. have to wait until Jan. 26th for the season premier of Torchwood, I may have to check out YouTube, where I imagine this scene will be up in record time.
Not even into slash but either of these guys could generate heat with a fence post.
Woo Hoo bring it on!!

Can't wait till the 16th is here!!
I am also not into slash, but I do love seeing JM get to let loose. This sure looks like they give him the opportunity.
Oh dear Lord...I am sooo looking forward to this. Is it too much to hope that James becomes a regular on this series?????
"Is it too much to hope that James becomes a regular on this series?????"

No, not too much to ask, at all. But, better still, the "lost" Torchwood is LA!!!! And James gets to be the lead, as Capt. John, in his new series, "Torchwood LA Style."
to quote the obvious: "Spike lips! Lips of Spike!!!!"
To quote the Head Shaman after watching Howard and Vince kiss "Going to have to go away and re-think a few basic principles." Well, not so much re-think as....oh, I'll be in my bunk.

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Well, not lips of Spike so much as lips of Captain John.
Is it too much to hope that James becomes a regular on this series?????

As it films in the UK I'd say it's highly unlikely JM would sign on as a regular but I'm hopeful for more guest appearances.
Oooh, can. not. wait. I hope the BBCA doesn't cut out too much of the good stuff, and by the good stuff I mean anything with JM on the screen. I am so looking forward to seeing JM in a role where he can flaunt his bigger than life talent.
Just a vocab nitpick/question: I think of "slash" as fan fiction about relationships that are not present in (okay, I'm sorry I have to say it!) canon. Could be Kirk/Spock or Oz/Cordelia, for example, but Jack/John doesn't count as "slash" 'cause it's right there in the show! Woo-hoo!

(Edited to remove extra punctuation.)

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miri47--I think RTD's just fangeek enough to giggle at the prospect of puttin' slash right there in the show! (and smart enough to actually do it!)
Well, not lips of Spike so much as lips of Captain John.


Yeah, but it doesn't have that authentic ring. Even 'lips of James' scans better.

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Even 'lips of James' scans better.

I'm going with J-Lips.

A few things.
1) The hot factor. I do believe there was reportage a while back to the effect that both of them said it was so hot that you have to, how shall I say this? Go to your bunk.

2)Also some rumorage, or indications that Marsters character would be asked back.

3)miri - Slash, which originally comes from the Kirk/Spock parings, is generally held to be for same-sex parings. It may include parings of characters from the same verse, or crossovers, but is m/m or f/f - or occasionally transgender, but not, to my knowledge, hetero.
James had said that John was a better kisser than SMG/P (had to add that P in for correctness) and we've all seen season 6! *bites lip* This… this is cruel teasing! The link had me rechecking today's date. Like I didn't know what date it was! arrgh. Torchwood are a bunch of nasty baiters. Damn their cunningness!

miri47, the tricky part will come when the ficcers start writing up Jack/John (their past, present, future) it will go under the slash section even though it is technically "canon". As a long time fanfic writer and slasher myself, slash now generally refers to male/male pairing despite their presence within the Verse e.g. Spike and Angel's "one time" *bows to her Lord Whedon's wise choice* or the people at QAF, or Dumbledore. It's a set term now. So slash wouldn't be one hundred percent accurate but it'd be such a hassle to find/locate a new term. *shudder* People would start listing it under "canon slash" (which is a commonly used term but unlisted to my knowledge) and meaning it. We could always go Japanese and call it Yaoi or Shounen-ai.
i can't wait till this episode comes on can't wait to see him on tv again as i've just seen him in p.s. i love you i'm positive he'll do a brilliant performance in this as well.
Go James!!!
spike_lover - please endeavor to use correct capitalization, it makes it easier for everyone. I understand that in the excitement about these eps it sometimes scrambles ones synapses :)
Well I'm definitely into slash and I'm loving these pics! JB and JM certainly seem to be creating some impressive chemistry in those stills. Can't wait to get the entire audio/visual experience.

And Mirage, there's no cunnilingus, (whispers) it's boy snoggage. *wink*
And like the BBC is going mad at the moment and put "THE KISS" up as desktop wallpaper.
/fans self. Bunk. Me.
Argh. The BBC Torchwood site is not available to non-UK-ers. :(
Argh. The BBC Torchwood site is not available to non-UK-ers. :(

What's up with that? "Rights reasons"? Umm.. huh? If someone could explain this to me in a way that makes sense I'd be ever so grateful. otherwise I will shake my head at a website that is actually *turning away* web traffic. As a web designer, I do not comprehend.

Oh and topic - One word: phwoar. I'm a slash fan and I will also be in my bunk.
I presume the BBC has sold overseas rights to the show. I'm sure BBCAmerica will be wanting to do some stuff on their TW site. It's common for US networks to block stuff on their sites from non-US viewers for similar reasons.
Oh. Well I don't like it :) But thanks for the splainy.
To be honest, although I liked Barrowman on Dr Who, I wasn't the biggest Torchwood fan. I know that a large part of his appeal is his over-the-top, theatrical personality, but it grates on me a little, so whenever I see even the his character in any sort of relationship it always seems a little false or like he's doing it just to show off how magnificent he is. It's like it's always about him rather than him and the other person. I know I'm probably failing to draw a line between the character and the actor but the two have sort of merged into one for me, so something like this seems more about boosting Barrowman's ego than anything else. But of course James could have chemistry with a plastic table, so it's possible that it could work.
Re site access: You still won't be able to access everything, but if you go to the "Text Only" version, very small in the upper right, you can get some of it. Plus - the 3:43 beginning scene is available on a certain U toob
Regarding the clip

Over all it looks like a good sign for the season.
But of course James could have chemistry with a plastic table

or a crypt door... or a bot... or a box of files... or a guitar....

Let's ignore that fact that RTD is obviously a dispossesed Spangel shipper, and just focus on the PRETTY!
Well, I'm sure I'm not the only one wondering how long it will take an enterprising PhotoShopper to blond up James' hair and put David Boreanaz's head on John's body.

That picture is...excuse me; I have to lie down now.
Shahrukh Khan's just been de-wallpapered (for now).
This is gonna be FUN!
SO SO HOT. After hearing James talk about it at DragonCon, I knew I would want to be tuning into this!
Well I was heading to my bunk anyway, and now I NEED to go...
the series 2 trailer (in big, beautiful .avi quality--11.7 mb) is downloadable at:

There's clip of the kiss up on YouTube!! (spoiler alert, of course):

I have never struck this before but that BBC link says that I cannot access it outside of the UK due to "rights (sic) reasons". I usually have no probelms accessing BBC pages so I'm just wondering if anybody else outside of the UK got that notice? Is it a new broader BBC policy or is this specific to Torchwood perhaps?
Thanks for the link Spikesgurl! I really have nothing to add

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Thank you, spikesgurl. Certain corners of the Internet are going wild about this.

The clip is so incredibly aware of JM's work - the moment when the car draws up and we see the feet - just priceless.

It seems as if the hype was really justified in this case. ::fans self a lot::
1.Ran to YouTube to watch kiss clip ... thanks spikesgurl!
2.Fainted dead away .... revived & watched again, added it to my playlist ;-)
3.Logged on at MarstersOfOz to post link to clip, where someone had beat me to it.
4.Joined BBC America, went straight to the Torchwood section ... NO wallpaper, discrimination, I say.

Loved the JM intro in the clip, long coat and boots. Clever Spike homage made me smile.
Loved the other trailers as well .... January 26th can not arrive soon enough. Staying off the UK TW thread at MoZ is going to be hell, but I wont do spoilers.
Spikesgurl, a little warning would have been nice. I think my brain ignited and froze at the same time. Bits are sticking to my chair. Tis not a nice sight people. The vid on the other hand… *puts up a Do Not Disturb sign while a video runs with surround sound*
Sorry Mirage, I didn't mean to damage your brain :) Although I have to say the moaning and gasping about killed me too. I still can't quite believe we're so lucky :)
JM Kiss Kiss Bang Bang promo gallery, including several new pics.
Trek_Girl42 I copied your link & pasted it to my browser, but got "no matching results" ???? Thanks for any help.
Shey, I did the same and it worked fine for me. But there are only 10 pics and if you've seen the vids then you know 'em already.
Oh, WOW. Just caught that YouTube link. I am SO looking forward to this.

(Wondering if Steve Tartalia's gone along for the ride...)

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