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January 07 2008

xkcd equates obsessive fandom with Firefly. In the same breath as BSG, no less.

Thanks a bunch, Polter-Cow, for the reminder of my geekdom...SINCE I HAVE THOSE BOOKS ON MY SHELF!!!


In any case, this is both nostalgic and hilarious-shaped. Though I gave up my Star Wars obsession - now just a healthy interest - for Firefly, rather than right-winger Republicans...
Randall Munroe is my big damn hero. This is consistently a must-read for me, not only because some of the comics are laugh-out-loud funny, but because many of them are also deeply touching.

Don't forget the roll-over text!
I absolutely love XKCD. The most brilliant comic of our times.
Don't forget the old reference XKCD did... [here]

Web comics artists just like Firefly, don't they? ;-)
Don't forget the old reference XKCD did...

Oh, that strip is #72 on the list. xkcd also appears at #38 and #59. Munroe's quite mad for the show.

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There's also one of my XKCD favourites - 'Serenity is Coming Out Tomorrow'.

Lovely =)
Fantastic. It has only one problem. What is this "growing out of the whole obsessive fan mindset" business? Is that possible? :)
I think he's right, we just trade youthful obsessions for those we deem more grownup. And I made a t-shirt out of 'Serenity is Coming Out Tomorrow' for when I went to the midnight show here at Landmark's Main Art. :)
I just started subscribing to this on LJ, and instantly 'ran' over here to see if someone had posted it! yay for obsession!!
Back to 'work' in 'RL' now. 8-D
That was hilarious to me considering that I did indeed grow out of my Star Wars EU fanaticism and exchanged it for Browncoat-ness.
Serenity is Coming Out Tomorrow is a classic and it captures each character well, though why Simon seems to be picking his nose, I still having figured out.

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