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January 07 2008

Summer Glau interview at Comics Continuum. She is first to be interviewed by the genre website for the upcoming "Sarah Connor Chronicles." She mentions her work on "Serenity."

I imagine we'll continue to get a bunch of articles like this in the coming weeks. (She's getting good exposure with this show, including being on the bags at my local comic book store.)

"She's a Terminator that looks like a girl next door..."

Maybe someone should point out to Summer what "girl next door" is generally taken to mean... 8-)
mjwilson, maybe you should tell us first. I always thought it meant "normal, everyday girl who could live next to you".
mjwilson, maybe you should tell us first. I always thought it meant "normal, everyday girl who could live next to you".
If the everyday girls you live next door to look like Summer, I'm moving to your zip code. ;v)
I live in Los Angeles and lots of the girls I live next door to are extremely beautiful. Of course lots of the girls that lived next door to me in the Seattle area were also very pretty. Beautiful women are everywhere. That being said, at one point I lived in the same apt. complex as Summer, so I guess she really did live "next door".
oops! Double post. I need more caffeine.

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I got one of the those comic book bags, very cool but at the same time, its a bit creepy.
Summer and Lena as SCC's two tough strong female characters in a character driven action adventure, Joss would be the cat's meow to write and direct a story arc for this show. As good as his recent comics are and the episodes of Office, the lack of any new
Joss stories these past couple of years is very disheartening.
A video version of this interview has appeared on a few fansites. Summer's interview along with other TSCC folks are at The Sarah Connor Society.

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