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January 07 2008

Runaways #29 and #30 delayed. The final two issues of Joss' run on the series have been delayed, according to Diamond Comics. #29 is delayed to February 6, #30 to March 12.

That's a five week delay for #29 (originally solicited for December 26), and a two week delay for #30 (originally solicited for February 27).

As an aside, this means that - if there are no further delays - #30 will ship the same day as Serenity: Better Days #1...

That's one hell of an assumption. I expect there will be more delays on the last issue. More's the pity. But that there's some sure purty art from Mr Ryan... and worth the long time it obviously takes to produce it.
I'm waiting with baited breath (what is that anyway?), longing to know if Joss is going to do what I've been longing for (but is too spoilerish to even mention). Please please please Joss, be kind!
Bated breath-- it means you're waiting in such suspenseful anticipation that your breathing is lessened. As is mine. I really wonder if he's going to do what you and I think he may do (assuming you meant ).

So March is slated to be a very happy month, anyway. Which is fitting for the one year anniversary of Giant Dawn.

*begins to slowly turn blueish*
Argh! I've been dying to know what happens with the Yorkes after last ish. And although I've really loved Whedon's run, after reading the complete run of Strangers in Paradise, I'm excited to see what Terry Moore will do.
I'm liking Joss' run quite a bit, but I'm eager to see the end because I'm even more excited about Terry Moore's. Huge fan of Strangers in Paradise, like Saturn Girl.

Really hope Joss doesn't perform a resurrection. I know there's quite a bit of support for it among Runaways fans (though maybe the split is 50/50 against, who knows, and maybe some are indifferent or wait-and-see about it), but as with many of the kind in comic'd cheapen not just the death scene, but the state the kids' world was left in after. It's doubtful that re-reads would have the same impact. I suppose the logic of the Marvel Universe (sure...I guess there is a logic to it...even if it frequently bends and breaks its own rules, mish-mash of hundreds of different writers' minds that it is) allows for resurrections to happen easily and "believably", especially when dealing with time travel...but I hope if any of the kids attempt to resurrect, there'll be some reason why they can't, some sort of sci-fi or mystical blocking or whatnot.

I borrow from the title of creator Brian K. Vaughan's penultimate arc on the book, "Dead means dead!"
I don't expect a clean and easy resurrection, or really want one. I agree 100% that death means something when it's something that can't be undone, like in the real world. But I expect Chase to try, and possibly succeed, with consequences either way.

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