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January 07 2008 has information and cover for DVD release of "Day Break". The ABC show featured Jeffrey Bell as its showrunner and included Adam Baldwin in the main cast, will see the complete series released in DVD on March 11th.

Was this any good? I'm not sure if it ever got picked up here in the UK.
While this is great for the very few people who liked this show (and I certainly wasn't one of them), it just makes me sad that good shows like The Inside are not out on DVD.
I'm surprised this is being released to DVD. I didn't like it at all and certainly won't be buying it.
It aired in the UK on one of the cable channels but I enjoyed it very much through the magics of the intertubes and the torrents. I will seek out the dvds when they come out. Subjective this taste thing isn't it.
I loved this show and it was sad when it got canceled. I've been hoping for a DVD release, but had not expected one. This is good news indeed.
I love this show and I will not be buying the DVD. Great concept, great actors and they didn't even let the fans enjoy all the episodes (forced the last 4-5 episodes online)...Because of this and Traveler, I will never buy a canceled series DVD set....
Excellent! This is one of the few shows which comitted the cardinal sin on american television: It was very intelligent. That never goes down well even if there was action it in. Pity there was never a season season.

I will be buying this set (even though I oppose the amoral copyright concept) because the good stuff needs support - there is too much rubbish as it is.
Hmm. I couldn't get into it. It was gripping and yet, I felt it lacked what it took to keep me coming back every week. I skipped episodes but never felt I had missed anything significant.
Wow, I didn't realize the show was so controversial. I loved it. It was played really well. The layers to the mystery, the idea that the same day repeated but different actions changed events... it was well acted, well written, and a really fun ride. I look forward to picking up the DVD *IF* I find it for a reasonable price.
I don't think this show was controversial at all. Most people just didn't care for it. Hence its lightning fast demise despite a fabulous timeslot and a ridiculous amount of promotion.
Hence its lightning fast demise despite a fabulous timeslot and a ridiculous amount of promotion.

It just makes me think of Drive. I was sad to see that one go so quickly.

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"Most people just didn't care for it."

Yeah like Firefly. The masses are such a good judge of what is good.
And god it was great seeing Moon Bloodgood in a very revealing lace nighty every week...
Suddenly i'm more interested in this show. Ah, Moon *sigh*.

Yeah like Firefly. The masses are such a good judge of what is good.

Wasn't 'Firefly' pre-empted, moved around the schedule and shown (out of order) in the "death slot" (i.e. Friday night) ? So i'm not sure the masses were ever given a chance to show their true tastes (whatever they may be).
Firefly was on a different night on a different network and promoted either wrong or not at all. The two shows have no comparison at all except Adam Baldwin playing the same character.
I didn't see any humour in the character Adam played on Daybreak. I might have stayed with it if I had.
He had was just very dry. I thought he was more Jayne in Daybreak than his character on Chuck.

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