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January 08 2008

The Awesome-Super-Cool Nick Brendon Audioblog. Nick talks Supercats, upcoming projects, and his sympathy for dwarfs (because of the strike).

Nick is so funny. This is the best BtVS blog in existence. I wish more of our Whedonverse alums would audioblog.

[ edited by zeitgeist on 2008-01-08 05:31 ]

I loved that! It was just like BSing with him on the phone, minus the talking back part. And I agree. It's too bad more aren't doing audioblogs.
I love how he compared throwing out his Christmas tree to disposing of the body of a murdered hooker. Classic. Somebody give this man a starring role!
I'll just be thrilled if his character comes back on Criminal Minds. Love the show, loved the character, love Nicky.

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