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January 07 2008

Marti Noxon introduces United Hollywood short film festival. Two minute clip of, well, Marti Noxon... um, doing what it says in the post title here. In essence, the Fair Deal 4 Writers video contest has been expanded into something more. (Note: URL changed to match new location.)

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That was totally cute.
I really like the prize at the end. We could all be writers, storytellers fighting for the future..., ...on the same page.
Marti prittie.

Uh, strike important, film short good. INNOVATIVES!

Arg. I had a modest yet probably still beyond my abilities idea for a commercial. Now it's a "short film." And people can employ SAG actors, who actually know SAG actors. Pfft!

Hi, Big Purple. Yes, Marti pretty.
Dreamlogic, I think you should go ahead, your ideas may be the thing that gets noticed (more than SAG actors or filmy kinds of stuff...).
And yes, Marti is pretty, and pretty smart w/the cool comedy show on campus and now the really cool Strike TV! But I'm wanting to know what Joss has been up to lately, I know that Jane Espenson is in Las Vegas tonight. I am endlessly interested in the strikey stuff.
Hey! Want to know more about the contest? Check us out at Come one... go look at the page. Enter the contest. Watch the other videos. We're probably gonna add more prizes so give it a shot. What else do you have to do?
I'm happy that the deadline has been extended, and that the allowable subject list has been expanded.

That way, when I procrastinate picking my theme, writing my piece, teaching myself rudimentary animation techniques and Youtube 101, I'll have a wider range of subjects to not write about and a longer period of time in which to not produce the film.


I want to do this, but I have tooooo much to learn and sooooo much else to do, both strike-related and work-related that I feel like I've just been given the chance to agonize longer and more deeply about not doing it.

Is this just me?

And hey, Jossir, Happy New of the Year. And Marti is prittie and sweeet and has gud smartts, which is annoyying and sikkening.

(And by the by, did all you'alls notice today that the United Hollywood blog - vital for strike communications - was temporarily suspended today 'cause some motherf****** a**hat troll flagged it to google as a "spam blog." How very dare they! Luckily, other strike-communication venues worked superbly, complaints were made to blogspot, and their power to post returned late in the afternoon.)
Ah, you are trying to learn animation code as well, QG. But can you learn to write music in as much time?

RL work is catching up with me, too. I actually have to show up for work some days this month. Some punk with connections is going to easily beat us both. But do we give up? Not us, I say.
I'd be glad to help either of you, QuoterGal, Dreamlogic. If, that was, I had any talent in any of the needed skills. Ah if we were only mini-Josses. Able to write, draw, write music, edit....
I agree with Joss.
OK, I call no fair. Good looking and talented ? Leave a bit for the rest of us I say, it's just take take take with some people.

I'd also do a video but over Christmas I accidentally sat on the one creative bone in my entire body and broke it. It was one of those slow motion things where just as you hear the crunch you think "Ah, that's where I put it ...".
I don't know, Saje. That excuse is pretty creative.
Poor Joss. He's been out of work so long his spelling's gone to hell.
Maybe his strike beard is spilling out onto his keyboard.
That is so great!! Go Marti! I'm sure we have some smart, creative whedonesque peeps who will enter.

Hi, Joss!! What's up?
Ooo Whedonesque collaborative effort?
Mr. Whedon, have you had any sudden urges to become a florist lately?
She took it down but she still is younger-looking than I expected. Dr. Joss maybe has lost the ability to spell but he's still right. And I'm glad she got time off for good behavior; 5-to-life is an excessively harsh sentence for killing a metaphor.
For whatever reason, WGA deleted the original and re-uploaded it. I've changed the link to match.
theonetruebix: "For whatever reason, WGA deleted the original and re-uploaded it. I've changed the link to match."

The first vid appeared distorted & out-of-proportion to me, so maybe that was why - she now looks less smooshed & squished. Though she was even prittie while squished, which is not a quality I admire in a person.

Yeah, Lioness, I agree - if Saje used his creativity for good instead of evil, I think he'd have plenty to spare for this project... and dreamlogic, I am so not looking to learn any kind of actual coding - I'm faintly hoping to teach myself some Easy Bake Animation Program for The Computer-Impaired.

And Sunfire, if by "Whedonesque collaborative effort" you mean a project in which you do all the work and we take all the credit, I am so down with that.
Count me in for QuoterGal's version of the "Whedonesque Collaborative Effort" or WCE. I can totally do that! ;-)
Just in case they move my cheese again, there's also one here. So, if the link I posted to begin with, which has already changed once, changes again, try that one.

[ edited by theonetruebix on 2008-01-09 09:03 ]
... used his creativity for good instead of evil ...

Shyeah, right, s'if - like there's even such a thing as good creativity. Pfft and pshaw.

Re: collaborative effort, i'm totally in but can I suggest a post-modern twist ? If we all agree to share the work equally and then don't actually produce a video I think we'll have made a powerful statement about apathy and ennui in the modern world. We still get the credit but no-one has to do the work, it's the very essence of win-win.
I don't own a video camera, so we're set for post-modernism by default.

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