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January 08 2008

(SPOILER) Georges Jeanty writes to Small note with a few teasing kinda spoilers relating to Issue 11 and 12. Sounds intriguing.

Hope this hasn't been posted already. Wonder what could be so important that we'll be talking about issue #12 for years?

I'm in a place where they haven't even heard of the Buffy comics at the moment, so I haven't even had a chance to get my hands on #10! But I can't wait to see more of Twilight!
I haven't gotten 10 yet either, but man. It's killing me that these things only come out once a month.
I'm not sure us meeting Twilight really counts as a spoiler, since the cover kinda gives it away. Really looking forward to this issue though, the stand-alones so far have been gold.

Well... all the issues have been gold, but these are more gold-like...
I'm with ya on that, Vortigun. I've loved every issue, but the two stand-alones thus far have been outstanding. Can't wait for #11.

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This is so weird but when I enlarged the cover shot there, I swear I thought I was looking at Britney Spears!
That was your other browser window, Dana5140 ;)
First time I've seen the #12 covers. I love medievalish Willow-san and Xander-san!
Boy, I hope so, zg! :-)
I loved issue 10 and can't wait for issue 11.
I keep repeating it to myself because I want it to be true ;)
Finally I have membership! Woohoo!!! I cannot wait for this ish to be released and am craving a good old preview. I really wanna know how things end with Buffy and Twilight and all the things in the middle!
Love it! A great teaser to start my day!
Quick question. I've been waiting for the cover with Buffy and Faith's heads kind of pulling apart in opposite directions but I haven't seen it. Was it an alternative cover I missed?
That's the cover to the "No Future For You" trade paperback, which I don't think has been released yet.
I'm seriously upset that I have to wait for the next issue! LOL
It kills me to get little tidbits of info like this...and then think "Well, in two months I'll know what they were hinting about"
*stakes self* Hehe
Thanks KingofCretins. It's such a great image; I have to have it.
I'm still waiting for #10 as well. Wonder if season 8 is going to end on a cliffhanger if we'll be looking back on issue 11# at the end of the season. Suppose Jeanty isn't allowed to be too spoilery.
In one of the letter columns, either 8.08 or 8.09, Scott Allie firmed up the number -- Season 8 is 40 issues long, and, unless Joss has changed his mind, Season 9 to follow.

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