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January 08 2008

(SPOILER) Comic book legend John Byrne talks Angel. Find out which character he'll be drawing for IDW.

Thanks Simon!

Good to see that he is an Angel fan.And very happy there will be a story about the character he will be drawing (not naming names in case anyone hasnt read it) I am really looking forward to First Night. And now I believe that it will be a 2 parter cos Brian Lynch had so much story to tell:)

The April solicitations will be out this month so we should see the cover art for it soon.Cant wait to see the first pages
Lorney Toons! He was actually the reason I started watching AtS. I kid you not. Sad to see him so under-used *hugs her perky/mysterious green demon with a twist*
Judging by the cover to #5 I think that he will be a part of the series after that. Hopefully anyway:)
He did draw that really good Angel/Spike cover a couple of years back.


Can't remember for which Angel mini series it was for though.
Ah I remember that Simon - that was for 'The Curse' #2. I bought that cover. I really liked it cos I imagined it to be part of the battle in the alley (apart from Angels shirt being a different cover...)...but I can fanwank:)
Simon,that was from Angel:The Curse.One of the covers for the second issue,I think.

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Cheers to the both of you :).
Lorne was the "Hose" in the bar? We all know what he meant but haha anyway.

If you pull out your 1986 Man of Steel Superman relaunch books, you will see Angelus in four colors. Maybe with slightly more hair. Dont know why Byrne loved to give his superheroes giant flowing manes.

Only a 4-pager but hey, its John Byrne. When a living legend agrees to do something, (even a 4 page story) you smile and say "thank you."

Thanks for the post Simon, I'll be on the lookout for the story now!
When a living legend agrees to do something, (even a 4 page story) you smile and say "thank you."

I know. I was equally gleeful when Neal Adams drew that short X-Men story that Joss wrote. All we need now is a Bill Sienkiewicz Buffy.
Simon, thanks for adding the link to that cover. Very nice artwork.

I have no idea who the artist is but yay! Lorne. So glad he'll be back. He's my second favorite charater in the Angelverse.
Bill Sienkiewicz's Buffy, now that would be extreme, would she be chasing toasters who had slipped the lease and run off :)
Personally, I'd be more interested in Sienkiewicz's take on the big bads. Can you imagine the full page splash art of Glory in the middle of one of her rage fueled tantrums? I picture it something like this .
Isn't it a waste to have him only drawing one character in the whole book?

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