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January 08 2008

Which dead sci fi show should breathe again? In wake of the writer's strike, is polling to see which shows should be resurrected from the dead with brand new episodes. Currently leading the pack is our favorite Sci-fi Western, Firefly. Don't just walk, instead run over and vote right now!

Is this for serious? Given those choices, it's kind of silly to think someone would say another *other* than Firefly.

If it was simply a list about cancelled series to resurrect, there are many I'd put before Firefly. First, of course, is Angel, followed by Veronica Mars and then Wonderfalls.
I find Farscape to be an excellent choice, patxshand. It isn't silly for someone to make that choice. I wouldn't, but it certainly wouldn't be silly.
Firefly, of course. But my first passionate TV love was Greatest American Hero. Glad to see it listed! I must have been 10 years old at the time. I LOVED that show.
I agree TamaraC, Farscape would also be a great choice. Even Earth2 or Greatest American Hero would be good. I can see an argument being made for any of the shows on that list, although some had a fine run and don't really need to be "resurrected". Firefly, of course, is the most deserving of being brought back though. Nothing else listed got shafted nearly as much.
Farscape is a very very close second to me.

Succatash, if we're going by that sort of sentiment, I'd be over there complaining that ALF wasn't an option.
But D'Argo is dead. :(
Mystery Science Theater 3000 may not be coming back, but something just as good is. Cinematic Titanic is being helmed by Joel himself (original creator of MST3K and first host), along with 4 other castmates from MST3K. There's also Rifftrax by Mike Nelson (with Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett, the MST crew from the later years of the show), which is doing downloadable commentary tracks that you can listen to with a DVD (And they avoid the rights issues of obtaining the movies, so they can do popular titles that would have been off limits, like Star Wars: Ep 1).

Farscape is going to be having webisodes. Not a lot is known about them, but I'm really excited that it will continue in some form. Hopefully it foreshadows a full series return (hey Stargate is ended, BSG is in its last season... Sci Fi could do worse than a show with a built in fanbase.)

Of course Firefly returning in any form would be the most amazing thing. Truly killed off before it even had a chance to shine. But... I just don't see it happening.
Must agree with the room, "Farscape".
I also voted Firefly, with Farscape a very close second. But I also mentioned on the list that Space: Above and Beyond should have been there also. To me, that would have made my decision a little harder.
I don't think there's any cancelled show out there more deserving of a comeback than Firefly. Not even Angel.

If I vote for Firefly, does that mean I'm voting against Farscape and Earth 2? I would also love to see a real ending to Sliders. I've only recently seen the last season and it ended on quite a cliffhanger. The show was hit and miss, but I enjoyed it. There are still some MST3Ks I haven't seen, and the current projects are interesting enough for me to not miss it too much.

Quantum Leap? I thought that show was excellent when I was younger, but was terribly disappointed when I watched it recently.

I haven't seen the other shows on the list.
I love Farscape, but it had a much longer run than Firefly, and what I thought was a good conclusion. Firefly barely made it out of the stable.
Polls about things that will never happen depress me, but having said that, of course I wish Firefly could come back, absolutely.

After that, I always had a Jones for Earth 2 and Clancy Brown in it, though the show really wasn't terribly good.

Bringing Quantum Leap back is like Lucas and Spielberg reviving the Indiana Jones franchise. No highly compelling reason exists, except for money. Also, the thought of an aging Bakula still stuck leaping into bodies because he hasn't yet made "the leap home," and with Dean Stockwell now resembling Grandpa from The Munsters, horrifies me much more than Grandpa Ford.
D'Argo's dead?!!? Just kidding! Yeah, add me to the Farscape love as well. But, my vote would also have to go to Firefly first with Farscape a close second. Firefly never even had a chance to shine or find it's potentially large fanbase. Now it seems to have a lot of fans considering how the dvds continue to sell so well and if given another chance would probably be a big success.

That said, I don't see it even being a possibility now with so many of the key actors/actresses having other gigs. Nathan on DH, Adam on Chuck, Summer on TSCC, and Jewel on SGA. Now, if the Farscape webisodes thing did turn into a series it looks like Claudia Black and Ben Browder could be available and I believe they are still under contract with the Sci-fi network.
Tonya J - Haven't you heard about the QL movie that's in perpetual "production"?

Gotta say - Dean was always very attractive - a cute kid, a very striking young man, a handsome adult. Now? Not so much. But at least he didn't end up looking like his brother Guy. Eesh.

But I'm with you on the "Way too late" bandwagon. If they'd done it even five years later, it would maybe have worked.

If it makes you feel better, I had his daughter Sammy Jo figure out a way to bring him home...but she got stuck in his place because Ziggy got hit by lightning at the exact wrong time & only had juice to retrieve Sam. And Al's daughter Cat (By his fifth wife, Maxine) works on the Project, too - she's Sammy Jo's hologram. And Al & Tina are married, w/twins.
Well, Firefly's leading with 73%. Too bad that those of us who can't resist stuff like this online, don't make the decisions about what gets canceled & what gets a good long run :-)
Well, it's Earth 2 for me. Firefly got a movie. Earth 2 forever exists on a cliffhanger ending and unresolved stories.
Well, if I'm being nitpicky, the only candidates for "resurrection" would be Sliders, Farscape and Firefly ... anything else would have to be a remake as they were made ages ago! But Firefly definitely, Farscape and Sliders both had good runs, Firefly has far more potential left.
This poll made it on to's Showbiz page today..should be interesting to see if the numbers change at all.

Right now FF holds a ridiculous 68.6% of the vote.
From that list and solely because 'Farscape' (eventually) got a resolution, it'd be 'Firefly'.

If S:AaB had been on there, that would have made it harder for me too, patchy but generally decent show with amazing potential, a nice universe with interesting politics and a cliff-hanger - or at least very open - ending IIRC (and it had BSG's gritty "aircraft carrier in space" look years before BSG came along).

Lost interest in 'Sliders' by the time most of the original cast had left though it had some really stand-out episodes (I remember a time-travel one featuring a young Quinn that had a nice emotional core and unexpected ending), no idea how it wound up. Either enjoyed but can live without resurrection (e.g. 'Greatest American Hero', 'Quantum Leap') or didn't see the rest (though I wouldn't hate a redone ending for 'Quantum Leap' - the current one is much too dark/depressing for the general tone of the show IMO).
Star Trek: Enterprise as it was just getting good (finally) and also cause the second last episode made me cry. Which no other sci fi show has made me do.
Quick, revoke Simon's non-maniac membership, I knew we shouldn't just be handing those things out willy-nilly.

(I do agree 'Enterprise' was getting better in S4 but it'd blown through too much of its Trek credit by then and, if i'd still been a genuine fan rather than an interested onlooker, the finale would have made me cry - in the way that being kicked in the nuts will often tend to. Complete travesty IMO)
The finale is a Ravenholm matter.
ST Enterprise had its moments. One moment I'll always be grateful for was that scene in the massage room. Hot, hot, hot. Okay, and another one was when the entire crew was evil in an alternative universe (was that S4?) - absolutely brilliant game changer.
Angel first, Firefly second, and probably GAH third. I know we have the comic, and I enjoy it, but I still get that empty feeling in my stomach when I think about how Angel was "staked" in the prime of it's TV unlife.

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