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January 08 2008

Happy Birthday Amber Benson! 31 candles today for her.

Happy birthday!
I don't know if she'll see, but Happy Birthday to a wonderful actress and a lovely woman!
Many happy returns to a wonderful lady from my neck of the woods (according to imdb, she was born in Birmingham, AL.) !
Happy 31 Amber :)
Happy birthday.
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday, Amber, thank you for bringing one of my favorite characters to life (and that other thing). Also, love your DIY approach to art, it's inspiring!
Many Happy Returns, Amber.
Happy birthday, fellow Capricorn. At least you share your day with the King of Rock n'Roll - I share mine (tomorrow) with one of the most notorious politicians ever, good ol' "Tricky Dick" Nixon. Sigh. Life's not fair.

(ETA 'cause I can too spell. Just not all the time.)

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Happy Birthday, Amber!
Happy b'day to a lovely woman born during my between semesters' break last year of uni. Without your beautiful example, I'd be even more cynical than I am, and all of us would eb minus the memories of some wonderful performances. (and I like your nose, it reminds me of some among my relatives, and I like that you're dating someone who very slightly resembles me *grin)

"Summer Gold and Autmun Red Forever"
Happy Birthday, Amber !! :)
Happy birthday, Amber! :-D

Tara truly was one of the loveliest characters in the Buffyverse.
Here, here! Happy birthday, beautiful! Tara-love is obvious, but there's much Amber-does-other-nifty-stuff-too love. Looking forward to all that you do this year. Enjoy your day, young lady.
Happy Birthday to Amber. :)

Capricorn <3
Here's another Birmingham happy birthday to Amber!
Happy Birthday, Amber!

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