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January 08 2008

Summer Glau on The Radio Happy Hour tonight. Summer Glau is appearing on the BlogTalkRadio show "The Radio Happy Hour". There is a call-in number listed on the website.

From the shownotes:
*Actress Summer Glau from FOX's upcoming series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles *Collette Mclafferty, lead singer of edibleRed *An update from the World Series of Beer Pong

With 6:00 pm as the start time, and the area code I thought it was starting now. Actually starts 9:00 pm Eastern.
I caught the last...uh, 2 minutes or so and the sound was cutting out.

Was there anything new/interesting that I missed?
I think you can hear the whole thing now. It's on the right hand of the website.
It was a nice interview, but pre-recorded, so you couldn't call in and talk to her. She has such a sweet voice. It was brief, too, so there wasn't time to get into a lot of detail. She was really excited for the show, though, and I'm looking forward to watching it next Sunday at 7pm Central time and then Monday at 8pm. The sound was pretty messed up at the end of it.

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