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January 09 2008

Geek moment - Ragnar Tornquist praises Buffy season 8. The games designer (The Longest Journey, Dreamfall) calls it "fantastic... all the characters and the dialogue feel right".

It's like a dream come true, finally got to mention Ragnar at Whedonesque. For me the end of Dreamfall was the video game equivalent of Becoming part 2 or The Gift. It was that good.

Cool. I actually saw this a couple days ago, but wasn't sure whether it was big enough to post. I always get a kick out of it whenever he mentions a show I like, which seems often. Great taste.

And I agree, TLJ and Dreamfall are like the video game equivalent of the Whedonverse. Amazing storytelling and compelling characters. (And adventure games rock!) Can't wait for the sequel.
Dude. I absolutely love The Longest Journey and Dreamfall.

...I should get back to Dreamfall, I still haven't finished it...
Please forgive me, Simon, kinda' curious if Willowy is still around.
I vastly prefer TLJ to Dreamfall myself, but I do love it. The 25% or so of Dreamfall where you're back as April Ryan with Bird again are the true sequel I've wanted since TLJ, but I could do without the rest.
the X-pensive Certificate....

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