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January 08 2008

(SPOILER) Brian Lynch answers more questions about "Angel: After the Fall" and other stuff. On his Myspace, and in stereo (where available).

Spoiler tag just to be safe; spoilers, if any, are minor.

I wish I'd have found this HERE as opposed to his actual blog... bastard spoiled some Buffy stuff I haven't caught up on yet. I guess I can forgive him though, since After the Fall is so good... but watch your back, Lynch.
Sorry sorry! Nothing huge was spoiled, but either way, my apologies.
Dan C, I know you're jesting - at least, I hope you are, - but better tone down that language. It's a bit, um, threatful for this room. Ta.
Oh yeah, it was only a joke. I actually think Brian's pretty cool and in no way someone I would ACTUALLY threaten. I sometimes forget that sarcasm is not so easily detected online. Sorry!
Hey gals and guys: so the audio file is pretty long, and I was wondering if someone could sum up the main points, as they relate to Angel: ATF. I don't have a ton of time to listen to the file... thanks!
Brian: Thanks for addressing my question in the podcast (I'm "J").
Heehee. He sounds rather hilariously sarcastic. Or maybe ironic is the word I want. At any rate, a fun listen.
Bah, can't listen to it till my Buffy#10 arrives :p

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Nah, alexa, I haven't read 10 yet and as far as I can tell nothing was spoiled (except the name of the contest winner, I guess...).
Wow, that was long... and a perfect reason to stay in bed and simply listen to something fun. :) Thank you Brian!
That was cool! Very enjoyable, thank you!
Brian....this was brilliant. I hope you do more things like this when you have time.
I quite enjoyed listening to this, not only because Mr. Lynch said my name correctly but because he gives very good answers and is extremely funny. What shines through is how much he loves his work and he's just as much of a fan as all of us.

Mr. Lynch: thanks for doing the podcast. I hope you do more in the future.
This man is downright hilarious. I am so entertained by this! Brian, you really need to have a regular podcast.
Hmm, a plush Betta George...would go well with my Jennifer the thtuffed golden retriever, altho what I really want from the Eathter Bunny are "Thmile Time" puppetth of Tara and Harmony....

Theriouthly...Seriously, I always enjoy hearing that someone is enjoying his work, and what he enjoys about it, especially when it relates to the Jothth... Jossverse
Yeah, 5X5b, I second the request for a transcript...
I hope Angel and Spike get together! And of course I have to ask will the sire thing be addressed and changed back to Angelus actually turning William into a vampire?
No, it's canon that Angel sired Spike and THAT can not be changed! Did you watch School Hard? I guess not.

[ edited by angelusiredspike on 2008-01-14 00:56 ]
That was awesome. Mr. Lynch, you are hilarious. I hope you do more of these.
angelusiredspike: That cannot be changed. It's canon that Drusilla sired Spike.
Well, I suppose it could be changed, but it would require a truly mind-boggling retcon, altering the events of multiple episodes of both Buffy and Angel, plus explaining all the times that Spike and other characters referred, in dialogue, to Drusilla being Spike's sire.
Exactly. It'd be like the Dallas dream thing, only worse.

And I think that issue was 'addressed' pretty definitively in the episode Destiny during the fight when Spike told Angel, "Drusilla sired me...but made me a monster."

[ edited by menomegirl on 2008-01-10 02:28 ]
Great podcast, Brian! :-D
Listened to this today, had to thank Brian for taking the time to make that for us. Some insightful stuff and funny to.
My question is: Would Xander and Spike meet? And if they do, would they make The Kiss canon? No? Sigh.

Cool answers, Brian! I can't wait for issue 3 of After The Fall.

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