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January 09 2008

(SPOILER) Joss Whedon's comic books in 2008. Wizard Magazine gives us a brief rundown of what to expect from upcoming issues of Buffy season 8, Serenity: Better Days and Angel: After The Fall.

Thar be spoilers. Neat spoilers, I'll warrant, but spoilers still.
That description for After the Fall seems off. There's really no one on Angel's side anymore, and it doesn't seem they're too worried about the dragon.

The next 10 issues of Buffy sound incredible, though. Of course, we don't know what Joss' arc will be, but can you really blame me for assuming its amazingness?

I didn't know Better Days was set during the gap before Serenity. Should be great, but will probably make me miss those actors even more.
I can't believe I doubted for even one second Joss' reason for making Dawn "giant Dawn". I can only imagine the one-liners right now (but can't say them, cause I'm just not that clever.) Tokyo beware; another Summers' pair of stylish, yet affordable shoes are coming!

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Unless the dragon's role changes drastically within the next few issues (which I highly, highly doubt), there was nothing here that we didn't know already except the confirmation that Joss would be doing the next arc. That's sad, I was hoping we'd get a confirmation on Oz appearing in WatG or something.
Shouldn't they include the fact that Joss is still finishing 'Runaways', and (I think) 'Astonishing X-men'? I am loving all the comic books, I find I'm not just reading the ones with Joss Whedon's name, I'm reading more of Brian Lynch's and Brian K. Vaughan's other books too.
Dawnzilla! Rock on!

They better call her Dawnzilla, though. I've seriously been saying that since issue #1 came out (you can, like, go check the archives)...

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