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"See, morbid and creepifying, I got no problem with, long as she does it quiet-like."
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January 09 2008

Ann Arbor, MI, Serenity screening on 1/19. This is a midnight screening and takes place at the State Theater at 233 South State Street.

Luckily for me I've already put in for that weekend off because of ConFusion in Troy, MI, so I may get to go. :) And I'm ashamed to say there is absolutely no Whedon programming at the Con. Silly people, we have a new series coming!

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I'd be willing to go to that, if any Whedonesquers are interested, since I live here. I still feel bad for skipping Buffy Sings when it came to town, and now they don't do it anymore. Do they show the Joss intro at these screenings? I always laugh when he suggests that the people who don't like the movie should take time for quiet reflection.
KingofCretins: Do they show the Joss intro at these screenings?

I would guess not since I've never seen it at any of the screenings I've been to in either Ann Arbor or here in Royal Oak.

Ann Arbor. She is a big fan of Firefly/Serenity. And she likes trees. "But then who doesn't like trees."
So totally there. Seeing Serenity on the big screen gets me every time. Know the feeling?
Know the feeling?

You mean the feeling of soaring as the music swells and Serenity breaks atmo in the title scene? Or the edge of your seat roller coaster that is the battle at Mr. Universe's moon? Or the swirling ballet that is River's fight with the Reavers?

Nope, no idea what you're talking about.
schaef, yes. Exactly that. I would add the gasps and rapt silence of those seeing the movie for the first time. I'll never be able to totally recreate the experience of seeing the story unfold without knowing the ending, but every time I get to attend a screening with someone who hasn't seen the movie before is a little bit like seeing it for the first time.

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