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May 30 2003

Do they have TiVo Down Under? An Australian TV channel juggles its Angel and Buffy broadcasts to make sure they're in sync as they build to the Buffy finale. Article is mostly a gushing eulogy to our slayer.

That's pretty cool of Seven. Doesn't hurt when a single channel has rights to both shows I guess... (BBC, I'm looking at you here.)
Nice to see that the Australians know how to show Buffy properly.
*Drags the head of Sky One to look at this article*.
In Canada, we see Angel Tuesday nights after Buffy, on the same channel. I guess the WB found out that the Canadian broadcast came before the Wednesday American broadcast, and mid-March, they insisted on a week delay of the Angel schedule so they could air Angel first. I can see why they would be bothered about it (proprietary and all that), but it was a real shame for us with the crossovers, which then became insanely mixed up.
Tivo in Australia? I wish!
Yeah, it's great! After they screwed around with it so much, dropping it randomly for various sports, finally they are showing some sense. Now if only they could start on the advertised time instead of being l0 mins late every time except when you set your video and then they are 10 mins early...

And no, no TiVo.
What is TiVo?

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