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January 09 2008

Best. Dancing. Ever. EW's Popwatch blog features the dancing of a certain brooding vampire and his Rogue Demon Hunter sidekick...

Oh man I love that clip so much. When I first saw it I had to go back and watch it again and again. Thanks for posting this!
That clip is great! But after the happy happy, I feel so sad. Alexis Denisof is the most underrated actor. Ever.
DB has a way of brightening the day with his fun dancing. I liked his dancing on the Graham Norton show too.
Ha! Easily the funniest bit in S1. "Mandy" in S2 nearly topped it.
I wonder, since I watch a lot of original CSI re-runs, if the Mandy thing is an homage to Angel that Nick does (I'm not sure what season of CSI he's doing it in when he wants his lab results - the woman makes him sing Mandy for them). Can't wait to get home tonight and watch that clip. I always chortle with glee when those two get started.

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I never watched Buffy or Angel while they were on TV... My wife and I have been watching both series over the past few months on DVD (were into Buffy season 4 and Angel season 1) and just last week we watched that episode... I laughed until I cried... good stuff...
This is one of the moments that made me start loving the character of Angel.

Never really saw his appeal until he started going undercover in Hawaiian shirts - and then this followed a few weeks later. After that, I couldn't get enough of him...
Mmmm. I think its due time for an ANGEL marathon... *nods* I would do a BUFFY 1-3 then sync it with ANGEL if I haven't left my 1-7 DVDs at my cousins *sigh* the nerdiness must wait for another day, I guess.
I think this expresses the thing I love best about Angel - that fun guy is there inside, but he's afraid to let him out. Angelus is a joyful guy - evil joy - but Angel always has to be in control.

Except for those wonderful moments, like jumping in the wrong car in the first episode, or the one where he's bouncing around trying to get Cordelia to help his with his booboo. (I forget the episode, but he's so darn cute).
Before Angel was a vampire, he was a fun-loving lout. He's probably as equally afraid of that image as of fun-loving Angelus killing folks.
Awwww. You know, it's clips like that one that make me remember how much fun Ats was at times-even in the midst of a serious episode.
I love that clip. I still laugh my butt off everytime I see it. DB is already a very nice looking man, but when he smiles he's absolutely gorgeous. AD is hilarious as well. And besides, who doesn't love a silly dance!
refuge5, I hope you're watching one episode of Buffy followed by an episode of Angel.It's fairly crucial in those seasons, especially.
Oh my God, one of the most brilliant Angel moments ever.
I was picking up Angel #2 and the latest Buffy comic last week and a guy next to me says "I can't buy that yet" and nods at the Angel comic. It seems that he and his wife are watching the DVDs - he's never seen them and was almost at the end of Season 4.
And he couldn't stop talking about it. I stood in the comic book store and let this guy bend my ear for 20 minutes while I just smiled and nodded and said "Yes. I know". Because I really do.
This just made my day! Love it!
redeem147, I believe you are referring to a scene in S3: Fredless. And that is almost as good as the dancing :)
Someone mentioned DB on the Graham Norton show, which I just saw last week (rerun). I didn't realize how funny he could be. He and Sharon Osbourne were a hoot.
U.K. talk shows are way more fun that the U.S. variety.
*happy happy!*

*happy sigh*

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