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January 09 2008

IF magazine exclusive coverage of ME Day Picket at FOX part 3. With quotes from bunches of verse related people and fans as well.

That day seems like so long ago now to me, have to remember what the people involved are still going through, no pay, shows getting canceled and so on, and there's still no end in sight.
Stay strong guys.
I'll make another pizza donation, feels such a small gesture but having seen firsthand the reaction on the picket line at Paramount when Dreamlogic turned up with the pizza at least it's a reminder that they are not alone.
It does seems like long ago, but these quotes bring it all back.And Joss with the funny:
"IF: Did you name the evil Alliance in FIREFLY/SERENITY after the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers?

WHEDON: No, thatís just one of those happy coincidences. But the fact that one of the studio heads is named Dr. Evil Ė he doesnít actually use that, obviously, in the trades, but thatís his given name."
Yeah, writers seem to like the pizza and the fan-support almost equally well, which is gratifying.

And Lioness, Viacom suing youtube for "one billion dollars" was always so damn confusing to me, since the AMPTP has made it clear to the WGA and the other unions (but not their stockholders) that there is no likely revenue future for the Interwebs.

But if it was Dr. Evil picking that figure, phew, it all makes sense...

Dr. Evil: Here's the plan. We get the warhead and we hold the world ransom for... one million dollars!
NUMBER TWO: Don't you think we should ask for more than a million dollars? A million dollars isn't exactly a lot of money these days. Virtucon alone makes over 9 billion dollars a year!
DR. EVIL: Really? That's a lot of money... Okay then, we hold the world ransom for... one... hundred... billion dollars!

ETA: Oh, yeah, forgot to mention that I probably wasn't quoted for this IF coverage because my answer to their question, "Why did you come out here today?" was simply "Because the writers are getting screwed."

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How prescient Joss is - once again, he nails it - Dr. Evil is a member of the AMPTP.

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