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January 09 2008

A Buffy lament sung by Megan Gogerty. An MP3 titled I Miss Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

It's free to download, awfully funny and a little bit bittersweet.

I hope I did this right, it's my first everything on this site. I also hope it has not already been posted before, I tried searching it and nothing came up.
This is hysterical. I loved it and agreed with everything except the part about Angel, and obviously I can't understand how anyone doesn't love Angel. Thanks for posting it. If it were posted before, I never saw it.
"She said the characters weren't believable. Buffy's never really gonna die."

Ha! Boy, does this argument not work with Whedon shows.
It's scary how closely Megan's thoughts mirror my own. But with a much better tune . . .

except I've met Nick Brendon "in real life," and he wasn't disappointing one teensy bit. :-)
I like when she asks why she's still friends with the girl who couldn't get into Buffy. That's something I've often pondered in my life. Honestly, do I want to be friends with the kind of people that don't love - let alone, "get" - Buffy? They sound like a dangerously misguided people, indeed.
Honestly, do I want to be friends with the kind of people that don't love - let alone, "get" - Buffy? They sound like a dangerously misguided people, indeed.

Somewhat relatedly, I've become really close to a pair of sisters lately because I've been showing them Buffy and Firefly. I don't doubt that much of my intense love for the two of them stems from their excellent taste in television.
It's a rare song that speaks to one's soul.
This is a rare song.

Except for the Angel part. Totally love Angel.
Exactly the same for me, Love's Bitch. Loved the song, but Angel was every bit as brilliant as BtVS.
Except for Angel and probably Nick Brendon, I agree entirely. So simple but so honest. Coolness!
Trying to get my brother interested in Buffy succeeded only in confirming my belief that he has absolutely no taste in TV...
Okay, I'll admit to simultaneously laughing and tearing up a bit at this...silly, straightforward, and on target (except, as others have noted, regarding Angel--a brilliant creation.)

Last night after dinner, my wife said, "I need to watch the musical." Downstairs we went, in went disc 2 from season 6, and for maybe the 25th time or more, we were once again astonished and amazed.

Yeah, we miss Buffy the Vampire Slayer, too.
:) We just watched OMWF as part of our Buffy and Angel re-watch. Excited to see the different ways some things look this time through; knowing the whole arc has a definite effect on how you see things. Certain character actions and words are taken totally different and you see more of the miracle of all of the little threads that run through the whole of both series. < James Lipton > Masterful. < /James Lipton >
I, too, was both laughing and wistfully sighing while listening to the song. And then I realized I was drinking coffee out of my Buffy mug...oh God, I miss that show too!
Heh, I've had this on my MySpace playlist for ages now. Gotta spread the love! ;)
Ripped. How damn fine is that??? Loved it. I'm sure the songwriter would sympathise with my simultaneous desire to send it to everyone I know and *not* send it to everyone I know. :o)

"I want metaphorical mythology coupled with ontological authenticity"

Yes. Yes I do.
That song said it all including the bit about Angel...
That is great. Disagree with the Angel part, but funny nonetheless.
I really liked the song. Except she didn't mention Spike, Dru, Anya or Clem. I miss them too. And she needs to try harder with Angel

It's not really criticising Nick Brendon to say he's not Xander - he just looks like him. He can't come up with the magic words of Joss and co all by himself, after all.

I just wish the corporate studio guys would shift their posteriors in gear so somebody could be speaking new magic words by these people though. ::sigh::
I'm so glad that after having lurked here (in the most respectful sense of the term) for over a year and finally joining, I was able to post something so well recieved. All I got to say is that the chorus has been stuck in my head for over a day now and all I want to do now is hum it while pretending to take lecture notes in class.
Wonderful. Ditto on the Angel and Nick Brendon bits but otherwise quite touching. Anyone who can put the word ontological in a song and have it fit is alright in my book.

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