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January 10 2008

Watch The Sarah Connor Chronicles cast at their Golden Apple Q&A. The cast and executive producer James Middleton took questions at the January 5th event. Summer Glau talks about her action scenes in the pilot, BB guns and if she likes guys. And there's an interview with Summer over at SciFi Wire.

Part one of the Q&A has lots of laughs, cast interaction and some news from James Middleton. The session concludes in part two.

That was me asking about the number of episodes and air dates, which it turns out were already available. I should have used my question better.
Kind of off topic but didn't anyone else get a very cool Terminator poster in the mail today? I'd forgetten that I did that online voting thing so it was a pleasant surprise.
Dreamlogic, your question seemed fine. Some of the others could have used some work.
Xane, they were giving out posters at the Golden Apple, but I was too late to get one. I didn't really mind because it was an odd design with Sarah crouching down and John's back. No face, you can hardly even tell it's him. I've seen better ones, hope you got one of those. I got a signed cast photo and a hat (the same one Thomas Dekker is wearing at the Q&A). Thanks, newcj. Yeah, I think we were all cringing through that first guy's "question." But most of the rest were better.
Good to see them having fun and able to joke around. The sound quality was awful, so if you don't want to struggle with it you can just stop watching after Summer's "I like guys" comment.

Ooh, and I envy you dreamlogic.
I've added a link found by hobnail to the entry.
Xane, I got mine today. I was expecting something small and was pleasantly surprised to get a full-size, rockin' movie poster! Too bad the post office had their elephant sit on it before they ran it over with the mail truck and THEN delivered it. (Every's a conspiracy.)
Got mine today as well. It's the awesome battle-damaged Summer action, poster.

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