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January 10 2008

Rochester, NY Serenity Screening on January 29. Screening is at The Dryden Theatre at 8 PM.

Wow, I never expected this to happen.

I'll be there.
D'oh. Just like me to have to work and not be able to make it! Couldn't they have done this on a friday night? :-(
YESSSSS!!! I'm coming, and so are all my friends!
Wow, I'm completely stoked that there happens to be something near me, and not on a weekend when I work.

However, I cant get that page to load.
Hey, Rochesterians! I spent my formative teenal years in the Flower City - well, in the 'burbs of West Irondequoit - and there's only a few things I miss about it - Highland Park in lilac-time, jazz clubs where I had my first live music (with drinks,) concerts at the Eastman School of Music, toys at the Strong Museum, and the Eastman House & Dryden Theatre, where I saw most of my first b&w Golden Age of Hollywood movies.


How cool would it be to see Serenity at the Dryden? - although I always though the building itself sorta looked like a fancy funeral parlor.

It would almost be worth visiting the Ancestral Home of Kodak again to see Serenity in such a personally nostalgic venue...
YAY! Wonder how many RIT'ers I can get to come with me?

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