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January 10 2008

For Your Consideration: Alan Tudyk for Best Supporting Actor. New York Magazine suggests everyone's favorite leaf on the wind for an Oscar nomination for "Death at a Funeral".

I'm sad to say I still haven't seen Death at a Funeral, but Alan looked brilliant in the previews. I'm glad to see him getting some mainstream recognition and respect!
Supporting? This dated drawing room comedy was completely carried on the shoulders of Tudyk's performance, he should get a lead nod based on his heavy lifting here. Definitely worthwhile for his fans, not so much for anyone else.
I'm sad to say I still haven't seen Death at a Funeral

The British reviews were not kind from what I remember.
It's not exactly high-brow humor, but that doesn't make it less funny. IMO, more consistently funny than 'Hot Fuzz.'

Tudyk does get almost all the best laughs, though his character disappears for large sections of the movie.
Alan Tudyk was the only part of the movie that really worked for me.
Alan was terrific in this movie. From what I remember, the rest of it mostly hinged on the idea that little and/or gay people are simply hilarious, but it's honestly worth it just for Alan's performance. (And not merely because of the naked.)
I really loved this movie: it IS very low brow, and in places very dark, and there is also a lot of goofy slap-stick, but the whole package worked for me. I felt that Alan really was a stand out, and not just because it is hard to take your eyes off the cute naked guy.
As a guest critic on Ebert & Roeper, Stephen Hunter said Alan "makes himself a star".
Got to admit, even despite the very clear lowbrowedness of the movie--and the group of vocal walk outs sitting next to me, I enjoyed the movie. I did find the reliance on 'gay people are just funny' humor distracting, but it was the only movie with such heavy scatalogical humor that I can remember enjoying in years and years and years. And, hey, did anyone notice that Alan Tudyk was in it? Just a reminder there.
I saw it a while ago at the Tower in Sacramento. When he started getting all goofy, I just laughed. This may not get him an award, but it will get him noticed, and should. He's another example of why Joss is a "finder of future stars".
I enjoyed the movie well enough, and thought Alan definitely carried it. I'd love to see him get more exposure for the part, just as long as I don't have to get exposed to any more of his naked caboose in the process.
Oh. My God. Alan Tudyk AND Kris Marshall in the same scene!

Seeing this movie has just become compulsory.
Or in Serenity it would be Death Before a Funeral.

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