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January 10 2008

Whedonesque Makes EW "100 Greatest Websites"! Entertainment Weekly has compiled a list of the "100 Greatest Websites."

"A fansite revolving around the Buffy/Angel/Firefly creator which is frequented, and frequently posted on, by Joss Whedon himself."

Darn tootin' it is! ;)
Wow. To be mentioned on the same page as 'Cats who look like Hitler' is beyond words.
That is wonderful, congrats!
Haven't we been there and done that already?

Still great to get the exposure and kudos for the mods!
Whoopse, I see its their other list. We were on the fan-site 25 (recycled) list too...yay for us.

Haven't we been there and done that already?

Was about to say that as well, but see really isn't ;)

Yea us!
Kitlers for a laugh, Whedonesquers for good discussion on shared obsessions. I like that they didn't say "Joss Whedon's blog." Not that I don't love that he posts here, but it's not the same thing.

No Achewood, PhDComics, PvP, Metafilter, or Comics Curmudgeon? :(
That's a great start of the year. Thanks EW!
... and in the company of the very ass-picious John Hodgman's "The Areas of My Expertise", The Huffington Post, and Brilliant But Cancelled (where all my favourite shows live...)

Good on you, Caroline, Mod Squad and all a' yas others who make this place My Safe Room.
Well, duh! :-)
Was there ever any question?

Congrats, Caroline, Herb, Milo, Simon, z, SNT, and all the wonderful members of our community for making this the best place to chat -- and to his honor the Purple One for giving us a reason to come here every day.
Now I feel this need to say something polite, warm, wity, wise, deeply thoughtful and with perfect grammar, about Joss, one of his actors, writers, key grips or other assorted Whedonesque types.
All while contributing to the conversation here in a respectful manner.
Congratulations to everyone in charge of the site! Thank you for giving us a place to... well, love :)
Huzzah! Best blog in the verse. Why, I even have a T-shirt that says so! ;)
I liked the other one where Whedonesque was one of the top ten or at least lower number, of essential websites to frequent. Still, the nod is nice (though my friends scoffed at EW's top 25 Sci-Fi list).

Joss ought to have a blog here in another section of the site or where he can just write and not worry about comments. And when I say ought, I'm just thinking out loud, not asking for that to happen.
I dunno, Lady Tonya - don't you think Our Joss wants to read the call-and-response of our reactions?

Well, in my Imaginary World, anyway, where I spend most of my day, Joss posts something and then can't wait to read what all we'alls have to say - even if we get all feisty and/or poopy - 'cause if he wanted to get nothing but Yes-posts, I bet he could figure out a better place to post...

Gotta go - right now it's Tea-time in My Imaginary World and it's Buttery Crumpet Thursday...
Oh, I dunno Milady QG, :>)

Whatever he wants to do is fine by me, but perhaps all the comments are a burden at times or he has to change his eyeglasses or contacts prescription reading 'em all, or his blood pressure goes up too much from wanting to play whack-a-mole with someone's nastygram because he is a man of restraint, bless him. I like it when he just joins in on fun topics we've had here, like the top Sci-Fi films of all time I think it was and he also thought like me that Starship Troopers was good though he thought possibly evil, but Neil Patrick Harris! Those are kind of moments you live for, to see that in print. Where was I? :: Chortle ::

[ edited by Tonya J on 2008-01-11 03:15 ]
Tea-time in My Imaginary World and it's Buttery Crumpet Thursday...

Ooh, Buttery Crumpet Thursday! Miss Edith LOVES Buttery Crumpet Thursday!!! Or something. Shutting up now :)
Well, Tonya J, it would be in keeping with the way of the web to summarize various standard grievances with initials, thus making Joss's time with us more efficient. For example:

BBT (Bring Back Tara)
KK (Kill Kennedy (again (for keeps this time)))
DECB (Don't Enjoy Comic Books)
DECBreasts (Women in Comic Books Should Have Big Parts, Not Parts That Are Big)
DECBlur (That Was Who? Doing What?)
FRAC (Fanon's Relationship with Author & Canon)

The last one isn't a grievance so much as a tag to draw the eyes of all who wish to keep up with every development in the ongoing controversy.

I'm sure others can think of . . . others.
You had to go there, didn't you Pointy? Its all downhill from here ;)
TFWRFSGG (The Fans Were Responsible for Serenity Getting Greenlit)
WWJD? (What Would Joss Do?)
J?ITTYWDYA? (Joss, I'm Talking To You, Why Don't You Answer?)
MMVBIR (Mileage May Vary But I'm Right)
YAABSP (You Are A Big Sexist Pig!)
JISFIDWTHTSIA (Joss Is A Feminist. I Don't Want to Have To Say It Again.)
*/* (I'll Slash Anyone With Anyone Else)
BIG? (Ben Is Glory?)
WW?SISDTM! (Wonder Woman? She Is So Dead To Me!)
FIADTM! (Fox Is Also Dead To Me!)

(I'm sure I'll be back with more, zeitgeist, to take us farther on the downhill slope, but MIMGRTJT - My Irony Muscle Got Really Tired Just Then.)
We're frequented, we're frequented ! If it's "Entertainment Weekly" though does that mean we're only super-cool for the next 6 days ? If so, i'm gonna make the most of it by doing stuff only cool people do. Not sure what that involves exactly but I bet there'll be slouching and possibly a bit of sticking it to The Man.

IWBTSWMF - It Won't Be The Same Without Morgan Freeman
IOPIMOBIWYTTINE,IAM"IYFWP!" - I Only Put IMO Because I want You To Think I'm Not Evil, I Actually Mean "In Your Face Wrong Person!"
KK - Keep Kennedy (ambiguous abbreviation for flame-wars, the fanning of)
DKs - Dirt Kissers
ASs - Air Sniffers
IAFWO - It's a Frikkin' Weblog Okay
YDHTB.J.TPH,BIH - You Don't Have To Be Dotty about Joss To Post Here, But It Helps
YITWR,JIB - You're In The Wrong Room, Joss Is Boss
JIMT - Joss Induced Monster Thread
CBIMT - Comic Breast Induced Monster Thread
CIMT(IEPSI,TSB) - Canon Induced Monster Thread(Id Est Probably Simon Induced, The Stirring Fellow)
There's controversy? I'll take the buttery crumpets.
What have I wrought?

Tut tut... you people are doing it all backwards. To play the game you must try to make sense of random letter clusterings. Here are two for starters:


Winners get first pick of the Buttery Crumpets.

[ edited by Love's Bitch on 2008-01-11 13:20 ]
"It's a trap!" - you can't make sense of random letter clusterings ;-).

(MHSDG is obviously a mis-punctuated - Marsters ? His Soul Dangles Glandularly. OVBTMS just doesn't make any sense at all though)
OVBTMS - Oh Victory! Buffy The Metaphor Slayer! Now give me a difficult one!
OMG(s)YPAMMLMU (Oh My God(s) You People Are Making Me Laugh Most Uproariously)! Ooh, me!

MHSDG - My Hat Seems Decidedly Gay, 'Metal Health' Sucked Don'tcha 'Gree? Marsters Has Something Dat Getsmeoff (for you JM lovers), Mental Health Seems Drastically Grandified (the kids use that instead of overrated), My Halitosis Started During ... Graduation? no... Google suggests Massachusetts High School Drama Guild, splitters!

OVBTMS - Overly Volatile Buffy Threads Toss My Salad (WHAT!?). No wonder no one wants to explain that one.
Not really what I was getting at (actually I forget now in the face of so many capital letters), but if you want to be all acrimoniously acronym-y about it, fine! Just fine! I want everyone to remember I did not start this folderol. :0
UDITFOATOC - Unconvincing Denial In The Face Of A Torrent Of Craziness ;).
OMG!WATATANISATASPFTN!: OhmyGod! What are they all talking about now, I'm slinking away to a saner place for the nonce!
Urp ('scuse me) - no more barbecues. I'm full.

What I wanna know is when is NYT or Newsweek or Time or Mental Floss Magazine (James Gunn's favorite) going do a big write-up on websites and of course slot Whedonesque very high on those lists? Hmmmmmmm? Deserves to be.
This thread had taken a very bad turn indeed.
Hey, I asked a legit question. Not that the Mods are mind readers or anything (though decidedly fixated on capital letters at the moment). Things do tend to degenerate sometimes when the topic is about to fall off of the main page.
Ah, I meant Caroline's joke there. Assuming it was a joke, anyway. This is actually kind of amusing. In a horrible, alphabet-soup way, of course. You all are ready to work in DC and write grant proposals.
You all are ready to work in DC ...

Aha, then IDNHSWTW (repeat it enough times, maybe someone will believe ;).

Haha... indeed :)
Luvspike To be mentioned on the same page as 'Cats who look like Hitler' is beyond words., that had me laughing so hard. Yay.

Sunfire You all are ready to work in DC and write grant proposals., I give you a gesture of government work solidarity-I'm a tech writer:)
"OMGWTFBBQ" .... should there be a question mark? At any rate I vote yes, sounds yummy. Can we have JMaJBFD? Still with the buttery crumpets, of course ;-)

edited for misspelling.

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[ edited by Shey on 2008-01-12 11:26 ]

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