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January 10 2008

SMG heading out to promote upcoming movies. She is scheduled for Letterman on 1/21 and Regis & Kelly on 1/23.

Assuming these appearances will be to promote The Air I Breathe, which opens in NY and LA on January 25th (more info).
Supposedly more appearances are scheduled in February for Possession *crosses fingers*

I'm happy to see that she is appearing on the shows that aren't being picketed! Good for her.
I'm looking forward to both of these movies, really hope it gets her some more leading roles. Pretty disappointed that she's not going to be making "Alice" -- I'd have seen the movie if she was in it, now I'm not all that interested.
Gellar is still attached to 'Alice', although she has said there is no movement whatsoever regarding a possible start date for filming. The rumour that Maggie Grace had taken over the role was a false one.
Well that's awesome... I hadn't followed that story after seeing the headline here, it was too unpleasant. I think she could really make that movie shine. I know its probably too much to hope for a Buffy movie with the established cast, but I've been quietly hoping for a string of diverse and satisfying hits for Mrs. Prinze that will bring her back round to wanting to do one.

"The Air I Breathe" looks pretty intense, although part of the trailer looked upsetting.
I can't wait for The Air I Breathe. I'm probably flying to New York just to see it. Silly limited releases...
Also keeping with the theme of Whedon-folk appearing on the tele to promote, Julie Benz is scheduled to be on Fuse's The Sauce on Jan 17th :)
So...Southland Tales was a flop then ? Or did it do pretty well in the theatres it did hit during the limited release back in November/December ? Is it still playing anywhere ? It's bizarre (though not unprecedented) that a film with so many current "name" stars was barely a blip on the box office and film review radar.

I wonder if Richard Kelly's next film will make it to Canada, 'cause we didn't get the original cut of Donnie Darko (the Director's Cut might've showed up at one theatre in Toronto for a limited release, I can't remember) and I was really hoping to see Southland on a big screen but no luck there either.
So...Southland Tales was a flop then?

Not surprisingly, 'Southland Tales' didn't exactly trouble the box office. It was doomed from the moment it was screened at Cannes, if not before that. It grossed just over $275,000 in the US and has so far been recorded as grossing something in the region of $80,000 overseas. The DVD is released in the US on March 18 and in the UK on March 31. I've seen it three times now and enjoyed more on each viewing.

For what it's worth, 'Donnie Darko' opened to rave reviews and grossed just over $500,000 - with a similar gross for the subsequent "director's cut".
Oooh, glad to hear about SMG and 'Alice'.

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