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January 11 2008

How Happy Does This Make Me? Has this been linked? I got it from Tim. And the answer is 'very'.

Not since Evanescence and Final Fantasy have two worlds collided so winningly. Tee, also Hee.

There was JUST a commercial on TV about how Wicked has changed Los Angeles forever. And to think I rolled my eyes. Obviously, everything on TV is always true.
I'm not familiar with the Wicked song, but I think (edit) y_fish (/edit) just told me every thing I needed to know.

Her sense for marrying the two is astounding. It felt almost like Joss wrote Serenifly to this music. The ending in particular, and the buildup and climax of the moment when River turns to the camera... wow.

ETA: OK, I'm an idiot. It so clearly says Not Mina Harker! Apologies, Bram Stoker fans.

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You should be happy - that was super.duper.
Cool video. Also don't know much about Wicked, but pretty inspirational music. I personally liked the cut from naked Safron to Inara pointing a gun at her ;)

(And woot! I posted in a Joss thread :O)
This was so well done. Gave me gooseflesh, even. She nailed it.
You can reshoot the ending with Summer lip-synching for a finale that's all-singing, all-dancing, all-slashing.
First I was like "whoa." Then I was like "whoa." Then I was like...well, ok, I'm not being totally honest here, 'cause...dial-up sucks donkeys through a straw. I got to the part with Saffron in front of Mal and gave up. But the idea's cool.

I miss my Cap'n. And my broody vamp with a soul. But mostly I miss my sweet Rupert.

Good thing my very dear friend wrote a stellar, soon-to-be best selling novel (Soon's she can find a publisher) which "gives Willow & Tara the happy ending they deserve," and will be such a break-away smash hit it'll be made into a movie. I even have the soundtrack created.

I think the next step for you is to get a facebook account. There are hours of addicty goodness there! (Similar to watching linked youtube videos)

Also, has Goddard let you see Cloverfield? What IS that thing?
Zomg - Joss hearts Final Fantasy? Can the man get any cooler?
(Well there is a Whedonesque-affiliated Facebook group, started by member Mort, for those who have an interest in such things . . . )

That's a beautiful piece of editing. The song works incredibly well in the show, which I was lucky enough to see last year, too - it's a terrific hair-standing-up-on-neck moment (although, to be perfectly candid, I wouldn't listen to it as a stand-alone number). Great job, y-fish.
This is pure Awesomeness. It fits perfectly. Saw Wicked at The Pantages and it's a must see. Pairing it with Firefly pure genius.

Also Joss' comments rock! He truly is one of us.
That was amazing.

Great editing on that, major points for both style and fantasticness. I've never seen Wicked but the song is spot on.

Makes me want to finish up my own Firefly/Serenity vid.

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I think this is just lovely, and it made me feel both teary and uplifted. It had the added odd charm of making me wish I was twenty again, which is much, much rarer than the young might think.

Thanks, Joss and Tim.

I don't thoroughly like everything about this musical, but the things I do love I think are great, and this song is one of them. I am a huge fan of the book, and I am, of course, an Elphaba.

And the Serenifly moments chosen were just... perfect.


As I noted on the linked LJ post to Not Mina Harker (y_fish), the only quibble I have is with her writing, "and I believe it is the coolest thing I have ever or will ever produce in my lifetime." I sincerely hope not and I truly doubt it.

How just lovely. And Happy Make My Different Worlds Collide Day.

ET: because I have really poor impulse control... ; >

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Bruce - you asked several, but they seem to be more wishes than questions. When there is something to announce about Ripper, I'm sure Joss will announce it here.
I found that really moving. Thanks for posting the link Josh (the man's name is at the top of the thread, I know you're excited but take a moment to spell it correctly :) -ed.) Joss. I wish you and yours the best of luck with the continuing strike. Hopefully all these interim deals will lead to an overall resolution.
Now, if only we could get Serenity 2. Just trying to keep hope alive... =)

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I've wanted to see Wicked for some time now, and this mashup only makes my longing all the more painful. Oh to live in a real city that actually gets culture...
The "and if I'm flying solo" shot of Zoe was the moment where I went oh my god, this is not just another fanvid. Beautiful.
Wow, I got all tearful at Zoe flying solo. That was a wonderful job. Of course this one is also made of awesome.
This is weird. I was thinking the other day that if someone were to do a movie/musical version of Wicked, that it must be His Purpleness.

Very cool.
"Wicked" is a nice play and Idina had her diva moment with this song, but seeing it live at the Gershwin never really moved me like hearing it on tiny speakers and watching it in a 5 inch square with this new content did. Bravo!

I miss Firefly.
Wow...I <3 Idina and Kristen and yes you too Joss, and to see them together like this was great. Normally I steer clear of fanvids, even more those set to music, but with the great purple OK, I had to check it out. And again let me

It is things like this that continue to make my heart bleed brown and hope against hope. Oh...and hurling great big sacks of cash at Joss is always a good thing.
All I can say is --- WOW! That was so shiny. It's not like I wasn't already wishing and hoping for more Serenity/Firefly, but now it's all I can think about. I think I'm going to have watch Serenity tonight (for the 127th time).
Okay, I admit it. I, too, experienced the sorta teary shininess as well as the shivery wriggles up my back. Beautiful job of editing!

PS Gregory Maguire is a wonderful author; if you like Wicked, try Son of a Witch, Mirror Mirror, or Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister for more twisted fairy tales!
Wow! That made me a little emotional. The music does suit so well it could have been written for it- and I just love the whole bit of River fighting the Reavers and the climax. Beautiful!
That was really awesome!!! The music fit very well!!! It almost makes me want to see the abomination that is Wicked... but I never will... I have fond memories of the OZ books and I don't like them being ripped apart and treated like they need to be changed in order to make people like them. Now if Joss made a TV series that followed the basic storyline of all 14 books pretty closely and inserted his trademark magic.... I'd probably wake up cause it would be the most wonderful dream I ever had! :)
Thanks Joss, That was a great ending for my day, it is awesome
"As someone told/toed me lately..." Hee.
Ooooh. Still jittery. I saw Wicked in London (I still recall the rush of that show - amazing.) and the build-up of this vid reminds me of the one on stage. Different levels of awesomeness but awe-inspiring all the same. Thanks for the linkiness, Joss! All of us can't wait to see something of yours come to life, we're all sure supporters of the WGA and very hopeful for a rightful end to it for selfless as well as selfish showy reasons. Good luck!

*heads off to feedback the LJ*

ETA: xerox, I worried the same about the canon of OZ... but it sort've works as a group of missing scenes (ala fan fic) to the movie. Really, ten minutes in, you will forget about the bad feeling and enjoy the show as well as the inside jokes for those who have seen the movie *still can't believe there were people in the audience who saw the show but not the movie*

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That was just great. A fanvid of the highest order.

xerox - try reading the book. Completely different and apart from the original Oz. It's a nice experience, I promise. Enriching even.
Wow, that was incredible! As a huge fan of Broadway (where I saw Wicked last year), it made me unbelievably happy to see my fandoms collide in such a stunning manner. Brilliant. Joss, thanks for the link. And for loving it too.
I was just thinking it'd be nice to have a Joss post. Though more of a post-it than post. Still, smiling did occur. And hey, check out today's woot shirt. Or more specifically, scroll down for the color listing. More smiling. Really, more of a slightly guilty grin.

And now, to bed.
I suppose we should no longer be surprised by the knowledge, talent and love that fans can bring to these things but this is outstanding, it just flows so well - a lovely job.
Someone give that girl an editing job, unless of course she already has one. Then she should be given a raise and some more high profile projects. I've thought about doing something like this just to practice with editing. This is the nicest one I've yet to see. Never seen Wicked, but I do love Kristen Chenowith because of Pushing Daisies. I liked her singing They Might Be Giants better but this ain't too bad either. It's nice that the man, excuse me the men enjoyed it so much. I bet she's in some sort of heavenly state right about this moment.
So OT but is Tim still going to write the Serenity sequel if it ever happens. Because I remember back when Serenity was still something yet to be it was said that he was going to write the second, and was just curious if this was still the case. In you know the way that it hypothetically may happen if there ever is a sequel. Namaste!
Hi Joss! Did I mention you a merry christmas? Please take care!
Oh, that was just gorgeous. I love Wicked, so the use of that song alone is fantastic, but the editing and selection of clips to use? Brilliant. Gotta say, thanks for linking that, oh Great Purple One!
mirage - I hate the movie that was hardly based off the first book in the Oz series. The one with all the singing! The only adaption of the Wizard of Oz books that has ever been any good was Return to Oz (1985). It still had the RUBY SLIPPERS!!!! I hate the ruby slippers!!! But It still felt like the books...
I loved the whole thing but I was totally blown away by the River sequence at the end. The part where the beats matched up with her dicing the reevers, and then it just is beautifully played out from there. Inspirational.
Thanks for posting that, Joss. It made my heart sing and sting.

Happy New Year to you and Tim and your families. May 2008 bring an early resolution to the writers' strike so that you can all go back to doing what you love and we can see the results.
How Happy Does This Make Me?

It should definitely make you at least 11 happy Big Man, maybe more.

No sound at work (bet it's even better with that ;-) but JFC, Gina Torres is beautiful - just thought i'd put that out there for the people that haven't realised it yet. If, indeed, we can consider them "people" in the true sense of the word ;).

I do agree though that the creator shouldn't limit herself though maybe she just means this is officially the "coolest" thing and she'll simply have to come up with different adjectives in future ("shiniest" e.g.).
I'm a very bad Joss fan in this particular area because I seriously dislike "Broadway" style music, and musicals in general. (Big exception for OMWF, obviously) and for .... never mind, lets just say I've enjoyed a few musicals that were done with more rock-based music, and speak of it no more ;-)
And I seriously loved Moulin Rouge, but that may be heretical to purists, because the music, with one or two exceptions, wasn't original.
But this was a really well done video .... kudos to the very talented "(Not?)Mina Harker" and glad it made our fearless leader happy.
That was incredible! The line "If I am flying solo" with Zoe looking at Wash's grave - ah, so moving. And the climax of the song with River kicking ass - woah.

Great work.
Oh, now I'm happy! Strange how the lyrics of "Defying Gravity" bring to mind the lyrics of the Firefly theme song: "I don't care, I'm still free/ You can't take the sky from me!"
That was very enjoyable. First time I've heard that 'Wicked' score, some musical numbers really lend themselves well to the 'verse. Seeing as both Joss & Tim give us so much pleasure it's wonderful to feel that fans can sometimes give a little back.

So Tim & Joss look at LJ hmm? - There are shed load of excellent fanvids over at here and here both LJ comms. Youtube has poor pickings since the big delete back in Autumn, but imeem and Stage6 are good places to check.
As everyone said, very nicely done. I also have not seen Wicked, but it is on my list...
It should definitely make you at least 11 happy Big Man, maybe more.

Why not make 10 happy the highest level of happy?

"... coz this one goes up to 11!"
That was a very nice and well done montage, and the lyrics and the way it was edited, does suit very well with the verse.
Ahhhhhhh... That was wicked fun!!!

[insert groan here, you bastards]
Two of my very favorite things combined in a fanvid is so made of win. I'm glad it makes you happy, too, Joss. It should!
This strike has Joss blogging and linking to LiveJournal and fanvids. He's turned into one of us! (That's not a dig. I like us).
The editing and sentiment behind the vid are superb even if the song is a wee bit naff for my taste.

It'll be a damn shame when this is removed from You Tube by the big bosses. :/
I got boosegumps watching that! It married image to sound and words beautifully, and near the end, as River engaged, the climax came perfectly. That nearly final scene with the back wall crumbling and River's intense stare at Mal as Mal realizes that after all she just did they may still be dead, was just amazing.
My wife has been asking me to go to Chicago to see Wicked and we've yet to go (it's 150 miles away) but I think I better give in on this one. I love Idena Manzel, but I lurve lil' Kristen Chenowith- wotta firecracker!

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Well, that was just plain fantastic. The timing/editing was spectacular! There are some really beautiful and well done fanvids out there and Joss and Tim have just become 10x cooler b/c they watch them. Thanks for posting this video Joss - a great way to start my morning!
Firefly + Wicked = Fangirl reaction
Am I the only one not seeing what was so great? (I admitedly didn't read all the comments.) First, I thought Wicked was OK. But I read it before seeing it, and like most book adaptations, it didn't hold up. Granted, this was a FENOMINAL song from the play, and the only true highlight from it, I thought this video was poorly edited and didn't match the song really at all. I just feel it could have been done better. Sorry Joss, loved the show, and kinda like Wicked, but this wasn't really all that special.
That was a super fantastic thing to watch first thing in the morning!
I saw Wicked in SF with the original cast, and I loved it. But I'm with aver and it made me miss Firefly even more than usual. Which is hard to do.
What an amazing find!! Two of my great loves blended together so well!
Okay, I'm going to be the wet blanket. I loved the editing and choice of shots. Just amazing. I hope she tries to become an editor professionally. She's very talented.

But I hated the song. Really hated it. But that's just me. I tend to seriously dislike post-West Side Story Broadway musicals. Chicago (the movie) being one of the exceptions.

Feel free to pelt me with rocks and garbage.
Im kinda with you there. Dont get me wrong, i LOVE some musicals (Into the woods, for instance, is BEYOND fantastic! West Side Story is a work of genius, heck - I even own the Jesus Christ Superstar soundtrack and can pretty much sing every word of it...) but I was a big-old 'meh' about that song. I didnt want to be, but I was. Great editing though, first class. But it certainly didnt make we wanna run out and see Wicked. (Although im open to the idea that its great, dont get me wrong!)
Gotta be honest and admit that the song isn't exactly my style (I'm called RokkWyld for a reason ;)) but it worked really well with the video and I have to say that the editing was amazing. Really good stuff.

Even better than that, my favourite writer ever mentioned my favourite band ever. Joss mentioned Evanescence! How cool is that! ;)

On the Whedon/Ev connection theme, I thought I'd link this here music video. It's Illyria themed and the music is the Evanescence track, Tourniquet. This is probably one of the best fan-made videos I have ever seen.
Dear Joss,

As I have said is several past posts, it would delight me to see you direct the film adaptation of Wicked in the nearish post-strike future. This makes me want it even more!

I had planned on seeing Wicked the day before the Serenity con in LA but couldn't because I missed one connection (by 20 lousy minutes) and instead of getting into LA at 11 AM, I got there at 5:30... and then spent 2 and a half hours trying to get to my hotel. It's just funny that I would have combined Wicked with a 'verse-centric weekend, but couldn't and yet now I have that here with that videa. Kinda serendiptous, but not.
Cool find.
Damn, I miss Firefly.
Wicked paired with the 'Verse does indeed rock my socks. Nothing beats seeing this song live. Julia Murney was my Elphaba at the Gershwin back in Feb. '07 and floored me more than this version. She was perfectly maniacal. But this video is too stellar for words even with the G(a)linda parts removed.

Whedon for Wicked! or Wicked for Whedon!? ;)

Though a movie version is years off since the Broadway show opened five years ago and still brings in over $1 million each week (nearly $2 million the week leading up to New Year's)...

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I haven't seen Wicked but the lyrics to the song fit the clips the vidder used to perfection. The editing was good but it seemed a bit chaotic to me.
embers, that fanvid is fantastic, new lyrics and all! It's wonderful to see how talented the Browncoats' nation can be (well, they do have some fantastic product to work with).

We miss you on tv Joss!
I add to the chorus of wow--lovely editing and it all flowed gorgeously. Bravissima!
Oh my Joss!! I knew nothing about Wicked until just now and that vid was amazing. I don't tear up easily, but that left me teary and shaken. Way Nice Job! Now Wicked is definitely on my new list of things to do.
It's very rare that a fanvid gives me goosebumps, but this one definitely made the list. And the shot of ZoŽ at Wash's grave paired with "and if I'm flying solo" lyric nearly made me cry. That was truly beautiful work. Thanks for sharing the link, Joss!
If I were a fan who made a fanvid and Joss himself saw it and loved it, I think I would scream and then my head would explode, Hush-style.
Wow. That was just amazing. I love Wicked the musical, but you really should read the novel first, since it's just a really left-turn with the pop culture, Judy Garland version.
Wicked is on my list to attend. I finally got to see Avenue Q in Dec. since it made a stop in Baltimore. I had both soundtracks the first time week they were issued...
If only Joss hadn't killed Mr. Universe, or given him more screen time, because I'm thinking of a mashup to "The Internet is for Porn"...
Hmm. I seem to be the only person who's never heard of Wicked or who this singer is.

Bloody great video editing though.
I have Caroline, but I lived in Chicago for awhile.... hehe.

Am I the only one VERY amused that Joss is watching fanvids, even if they are made of awesome?
Wicked + Firefly = complete happiness

Good job!! Thanks for posting this, Joss!
I'd never heard of Wicked before today either, Caroline, so you aren't alone in that.
Squeeee! My heart leapt with joy out of its mid-winter depression in seeing this. Thank you!
Hmm. I read the novel over my Christmas travels but wasn't too enthused after the first few chapters. Kept running into people who gushed over the musical when they saw the book in my hand though. I think the song is something I might like during the musical... not so much now. Love how things synch with River in this though.

(This may help, people unfamiliar with Wicked.)
My boyfriend will be thrilled to know you are a Final Fantasy fan, Joss.

Also, this video is MUCH of the awesome! I got chills, and even a little teary! :X
Nicely done! This video prompted me to post for my first time..."A Little Browncoat Inspiration". Judging by the response this video received I felt compelled to share the shiny video mentioned in my post. The folks that made it did a stellar job...IMO. "I cried like a baby, a hungry, angry baby".
Caroline, the singer plays Olive on "Pushing Daisies." "Wicked" is a Broadway musical about the witches of Oz.

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Holy God. That was amazing.
Nice editing, there...and when I hear Idina sing, I can't breathe. Knocks me out every time I hear her.
Caroline, I too am amazed.
Has NO ONE here ever seen the film version of RENT? Edina (aka Mrs Taye Diggs) plays Maureen, the Performance Artist.
My New Year's resolution is to make a day trip to L.A. just so I can finally...FINALLY...see "Wicked". (It's supposed to be coming to year...and I'm afraid they'll chop it down for length and throw in some stupid Vegas references.)
I have the Original Broadway cast soundtrack and I play this song when I'm making that 5am drive to the bus stop.
Haven't yet read the book because I want to see the stage version first.
Anyway...this little film clip makes me happy.
Thanks for sharing, and Happy New Year!

Solidarity Forever.
; )
Well timed. Kinda like the Buffy opening credits in that respect.
Great editing: crisp, rhythmical & clever. But the music just wasn't my cup of tea. (It seemed a little sugary.)
Trust me, there's nothing sugary about that song in context of the musical. It is, imho, one of the most breath-taking and empowering scenes in modern musicals--and the song found a clear match w/ the women of Serenity. Just lovely.
I don't and won't watch Pushing Daisies, so that explains a lot Nebula400 :-)

Can I ask one thing from you all? Please don't start posting links to more fanvids unless they are better than this one. :-)
Wow. I kinda got a little teary towards the end when the music was swelling and River was slaying the Reavers. And I don't even *like* musicals usually.
The facts were these ...

Kristin Chenoweth ROCKS.
Kristin, Idina and Joss. Amazing combination.
My first post and I've "upset" someone already. Not good. I give my sincere apologies to all. Caroline, sorry for the fanvid post. Thanks for your time.

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Caroline, Wicked is a book about (and I quote) "The life and times of the the Wicked Witch of the West" written by Gregory Maguire (who has also rewritten other fairy tales, one of which being 'Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister' which is about Cinderella) that was popular enough to be "adapted" into a musical. In all seriousness, from what I've heard after I read the book, the musical is about 30% book and 70% Rodgers and Hammerstein.

Recently Gregory Maguire wrote a sequel to Wicked call Son of a Witch about her son, but I haven't read it.
Well, the book isn't exactly cheery musical fodder.
I knew of the book (have not read it) and nothing else, Caroline. No one can keep up with everything, don't worry about it.

The video is stunning; I've seen professional work that was not as well done.
Wow. I have heard of "Wicked", but I didn't have any idea of what it is about. This video completely rocks. My goosebumps have goosebumps. I think my love for little Kristin Chenoweth has now grown. I now want to see this musical.
from what I've heard after I read the book, the musical is about 30% book and 70% Rodgers and Hammerstein.

I wondered about that. I had real trouble imagining it as a musical as I read it.
That's my favorite song from Wicked and the creator of that vid did an excellent job. The end was especially beautifully perfect.
When Maguire was young, his mother died and he and his siblings were put in an orphanage. His father remarried and one of the first things she said was "Bring those children home!" So he ended up growing up in a very large family, as his father and stepmother had children as well. They weren't allowed to watch TV much so whatever they watched had to be agreed to by everyone. Except for the Wizard of Oz. That didn't count in the one hour of TV a week that was allowed.So every year when it was on, they watched it. So he has always had fond feelings for both stepmothers and the Wizard of Oz.
I heard him speak a couple of years ago. Interesting man.

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Hey, did you all see that Tim Minear also posted a few posts below Joss's on the original website? Here are Tim's words:

"I sent it to him via e-mail. And this is what he wrote me back:

Joss replied: "First of all, that was awesome, and as a fan of awesome, I enjoyed it."

I feel okay posting that here because he linked you over at Whedonesque. Thanks for all the work!

Tim (The Other Guy) Minear"
awesome! hatcha!
WOW!!! I really don't get into fan video's but that was AMAZING!!!! Just perfect... It's been a long week, I needed this little thing to make me remember how in love I am with Firefly...
Oh I am so glad my daughter is at work. I was just complaining to her last night that I was sick of hearing this song from her room almost every night this week. And here I sit listening to it myself. If she ever found out, I would lose so many points.

Well that said, very well done indeed.
I have chills! (I'm not embarrassed to say) I love it
I think this proves that we need a Firefly musical!
The editing choices and pacing were excellent. I was a little surprised at myself at how much emotion it stirred. I still haven't seen Wicked, although it has been very highly recommended to me. Now I'll try harder :)
the verse + broadway goodness=AMAZING. i love it! :)
(double post deleted)

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Maybe my computer skipped (shaky connection today) but I thought Kristen Chenowyth's part was cut out of this version. She only sings a little in this song; it's mostly Idina Menzel...just trying to give credit where credit is due. And it is most certainly due to the editor! Brilliantly connected!
I wouldn't necessarily recommend reading the book to get an idea of the musical...they're worlds apart IMHO. I've found, as a generalization, that people who are not Oz fans prefer the book, and people who are Oz fans prefer the musical. To be yet more generalizey, musical=happy, book=not so much.
I submitted this to digg - anyone with a digg account, go digg it DIGG LINKY DINK

Oh, how embarrassing to misspell Joss's name. Well it was my first post, perhaps that plus my enthusiasm can explain it away heh.

Anyways, this video definitely did make me to checkout Wicked, at least the soundtrack. Many kudos for the great editing involved.
I hope there is a place for y_fish on your next production crew Cap'n Joss - she surely deserves it. That was really great editing. Thanks for linking us to it.
Just to be contrary, WillowSlay, I love the Oz books of Baum, Thompson and Neill, had read gazillions of them by the time I was twelve or so - and had whole sections of The Patchwork Girl of Oz, The Magic of Oz and The Royal Book of Oz memorized, ('cause of, well, you know, that whole Fahrenheit 451 thing. What? Shut up! Some of you did it, too, I'm so sure. I also learned a ream of Little Women passages, oh double shut up.)

Anyhoo, I totally dug Maguire's vision of Oz, which in no way disturbed or contradicted my deep and abiding love of the original Oz books - it felt like it enriched it. (I also like other Maguire books, but Wicked remains my favorite.)

And I'm mixy about the musical version - I thought the music was pretty ordinary Broadway fare... I like certain songs very much (this one and "Popular" spring to mind) and certain original performances, but I was deeply disappointed in the book and lyrics & that Schwartz wasn't able to bring more of the book into the play, a la Sondheim - who I wish had written the book/lyrics/music, but that's how the cookie crumbles, etc... that how you became QuoterGal?
OMG!!! It's Wicked and Firefly, my two most favorite things, all rolled into one!

And Idina Menzel rocks my socks off! Fantastic!!!
Honest to Moogly, hacksaway, I never made that connection before - thanks.


It probably is related - I've retained chunks of what I read for most of my life, and can also quickly locate quotes in a book, once read (a skill I rarely use anymore, thanks to The Interwebs) - but it never occurred to me that my attempts to memorize whole books (I never succeeded) helped me develop into the Lifelong Pedant QuoterGal that I am today.


I ultimately decided that I had to become the living book for Fahrenheit 451 itself, because it seemed obvious that someone owed it to Bradbury to memorize it, and I was afraid that he would get skipped over (in that vast army of people I pictured memorizing Shakespeare and Dickens and so on...) for someone more "important."

I think I quit about 1/10th of the way through and, I believe, replaced it with getting crushes on boys and memorizing their faces, tiniest remarks, class schedules and complete wardrobes.

(BTW, I referred to myself as a "pedant" in front of an acquaintance this week, and they got very upset because they "had no idea I was interested in children."


Have I killed this thread yet?)
Hey, Joss, have you sent this to Sci Fi, yet? Keep us posted on how many sacks of money they're throwing at you and Tim, please.
Also, Olive rocks my socks.
Also, I need to go see Wicked now. Thanks.
Also, w00t, FF!
Well, QG has convinced me that I must read the book, which I hadn't planned on doing--went to the musical for my 13-year-old's sake & enjoyed it OK, but it's not the kind of thing that excites me.
But since I also adored multiple Oz books many many years ago (& Little Women), I'm thinking I might like the book...

ETA: Of course if she's one of those pervy pedant types, maybe I shouldn't listen to her. :-)

I never look at fan vids, but since it was a Joss link, I checked it out. And the editing is indeed marvelous. Made me want to fly.

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Huh. So that's the origin story of QuoterGal. Neat, thanks for sharing.
The singer is Idina Menzel as others have said. She played Maureen in RENT (on Broadway and in the movie) and she's also in Enchanted as Nancy. I will never get over the fact that they had her in the movie and didn't have her sing!
BTW, I referred to myself as a "pedant" in front of an acquaintance this week, and they got very upset because they "had no idea I was interested in children."

At least they didn't think you had a foot fetish! :D

Good to hear your origin story, QG
Impressive. Would make a good story if you ever met Bradbury. I'm sure he wouldn't think you're abnormally interested in children.
>snif< brought a tear to my eye.
We've been tempted by the origin story. Now I want a whole QuoterGal mythology a la Fforde's "Thursday Next", with your book bending superpowers of jumping through texts.
Well, I thought it was really good. Well edited, matching the flow and thematics of the song particularly well. I didn't really like the song, but I didn't dislike it and it fit the video so two opposable thumbs up, 5 stars, etc...

Given my crap computer and limited skill, I'd like to take this opportunity to officially request a Firefly video to "2112: Overture" by Rush, or anything by Blue Oyster Cult.
For those looking for even the slightest connection between 'Wicked' and the 'Verse, look no further than ... Alan Tudyk, who's been in many plays and musicals ( off Broadway and Otherwise) with Kristen Chenowith.
Hmm, the vid impacted me in some parts, and made my heart soar, then other parts, not so much. Hadn't heard the song before, being in podunkville, but knew of Wicked and the kicky-cool-sad of the premise.

All in all, thought it a bit uneven, but really liked and appreciated it nonetheless, saw the love for the 'verse, and felt that in my gut. *tear*

One of the most ambitious fanvids I've seen. :)
Well, that one was nice (Finally got to see it during lunch @ work) - I liked how the music synched w/Serenity's engines firing up in the beginning.

I didn't know the song, but I liked how the theme of the title applied to the crew, if that makes sense.

Sometimes vids that are montages work really well, too.
"...the musical is about 30% book and 70% Rodgers and Hammerstein."

Um, no. That would be: 30% book and 70% Stephen Schwartz.
Please don't confuse Rogers & Hammerstein to Stephen Schwartz.
As many have said, it's Idina Menzel who sings the majority of this. Kristen Chenoweth's "G(a)linda" only has a few lines in this edit: "Can't I make you understand/You're having delusions of granduer," and "I hope you're happy." There's a section featuring "G(a)linda" and "Elphaba" that was removed to make the song fit the theme of the video. I'm a bit of a nut when it comes to this only because Chenoweth's voice is distinctly different from Menzel's and I don't want people to mistake them for each other.

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For those looking for even the slightest connection between 'Wicked' and the 'Verse, look no further than ... Alan Tudyk, who's been in many plays and musicals ( off Broadway and Otherwise) with Kristen Chenowith.

In my best Kevin Bacon mode...Idina Menzel is married to Taye Diggs, who starred opposite Adam Baldwin in the (once again) short lived TV series, Day Break.
Wow, this person certainly has a hand for editing. It reminded me of a similar video combining Firely with Moulin Rouge---Combining favorite movie and favorite TV show, can't get better!
OK, is anyone else underwhelmed by the QuoterGal origin story ? I mean, I really thought there'd be a radioactive book or that living under the light cast by a yellow stage play would be the cause of all her powers but no, it's just Ray Bradbury and an obsession with censorship. Not even radioactive censorship either.

Hummmph. It's never as good as the original comic by the time it's adapted for weblog.

Now watched the vid with sound and yep, it was better. Liked "i'm through accepting limits" when Zoe gets shot and draws a bead with her sp-Winchester. Take my advice though, nobody actually try defying gravity, 'K ? I've seen pictures and it almost never ends well.
I was afraid that he would get skipped over (in that vast army of people I pictured memorizing Shakespeare and Dickens and so on...) for someone more "important."

Hee hee. Well you were right that there were armies of people memorizing Shakespeare and to a vastly lesser extent Dickens, but most of the ones that do it of their own volition are called actors and therefore are not to be taken seriously. ;-)

Am I the only one VERY amused that Joss is watching fanvids, even if they are made of awesome?

Well, TM actually seems to be the one watching fanvids (Do we need anymore evidence that this strike needs to be over and these poor guys and gals need to get back to work?) and then sending the best to Joss.

I just watched it again. This is so very well done, I'm glad it got noticed.
Holy mother of everything, that was an impressive fan video. And not just because Joss posted it. People try, and people fail, but this is probably the best fan video I've seen. We can always trust Joss to bring us the best violence... I mean, lovable stuff. :D

Hex, the Moulin Rouge video is fantastic as well. It is my favorite movie too, and seeing it combined with Firefly makes me happy!

There is so much talent around us!
Wow! Of all the fan vids I've seen, this is far and away my favorite. Every image so thoughtfully matched to the lyrics. It's simply uplifting. Great job, y_fish!
Oh Joss, you always bring me the best violence. I mean fan videos. I mean masterpieces. I mean love.
Dang it, I didn't read the other comments before I posted and now I don't look as clever and witty as I thought I did. Grrr...Valentyn....grrrrr.
just beautiful. makes me wish june were coming sooner so i can finally get to see Wicked. thank goodness they deicded to bring it downunder. well worth a trip out of town for.
Awesome. Ivalaine, I immediately checked for releases of the musical down under when I found out about "Wicked", and am extremely psyched for June '08. I'm so glad that I live in Melbourne. (I really regret not seeing the original run in Broadway since I was in NY in '06, what a waste!)
Great piece of editting and song choice. It just makes me sad knowing that YouTube will probably take it down before long, due to "copyright infringement" (which is what happened to my Firefly/Serenity music videos). A bit ridiculous, since both creators obviously approve of it.

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