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January 11 2008

Happy Birthday Marc Blucas! Our favorite Riley Finn is 36 today.

Happy birthday, hope you have a good one :D
Who is our non-favourite Riley Finn, out of curiousity?
Happy Birthday, Marc!
I would just say Riley Finn was a "non-favorite" in general. For me anyway...
amen to that Out of Objects
You know, I just re-watched the entire Buffy series -- still great, but not quite as great as A. I remembered or B. Angel. But Riley was even better than I remembered (I always liked him, but I like him even more now). I think people who aren't Riley fans may just not be season 4 fans (which was, "Hush" aside, not among their best).
Happy birthday, Marc!

Out of Objects, pongluver-For some of us, Riley Finn is "our favorite".
Happy birthday, Marc! You are definitely "our/my" favorite. :)
A belated happy birthday, Marc!

I always held that Riley got way too much shit.
Happy Birthday Marc! You had a thankless job, playing Riley, and you did it flawlessly. Season 4 is my second favorite.

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