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January 11 2008

A Little Browncoat Inspiration. A Firefly Fan video. A must see for Browncoats.

First post here...hope you like it.My apologies if posting a fanvid was "out of line".The folks that put this together did a top notch job! Here's to hoping that Firefly/Serenity isn't put on the "back burner" for much longer.Gorrammit... We Hold!!!

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Now THAT made me cry.
Thank you Philo, that was great. I've gone through a bit of an obsessive love of that song in recent years, and that was a pretty damned fine use of it. And it did in fact get me a little teary-eyed.
That song is just brilliant for fan videos (same song is used for a beautiful Buffy & Xander video on YouTube that's a favorite). This was a great video, though -- reminds me of all the reasons why, even if I almost don't want to, I gotta say that "Firefly"/"Serenity" is Joss' best show. My personal preference is usually Buffy, but there's no way to step back and look at it and not say that "Firefly" is the best.
Yep. Definitely tears. I especially loved the "I've got soul but I'm not a soldier" bits - I have this song already, and now I'm going to think about this video whenever I hear it. Well-done. (Know what? I love this show.)
Meh, I'm not much of a Killers fan, but there were some cleverly edited bits there. Still, my favourite Whedonverse-associated video will always be this one.

(And yes, that was a really cheap way to make a not-really-funny joke, but I saw that video the other day and really felt the need to share.)
I liked this one even better than the previous. Just a great pace, and the journey it went through *sniffles* Now I miss my show.

Joss, how's that sequel coming?
Might be I'm just in a bit of a teary mood (rough week) but that certainly brought them to the forefront. Nice work.
The editing might not have been quite up to the standard of the one Joss posted but I think I prefer this one, if I'm honest. Musically, it's definitely more my style (love The Killers!) and so it has more of a connection for me.

Sorry, Joss. ;)
Excellent song choice and great editing, and loved the 'I got soul but I'm not a soldier' too.

Before seeing this vid, this song always reminded me of the (IMO, happy) final scene of the More 4 satirical drama 'The Trial of Tony Blair' from January 2007, where at the end he steps into a meat-wagon and is driven off either to court or to prison... this tune plays to accompany his pensive last moments of freedom.
Nicely done. I'm not a large a big fan of the song, but that's mostly cause it was played nonstop at my job for several months, but that was a good video.

Glad I can now associate The Killers with Firefly/Serenity instead of my job.
It's been a good day for Firefly fan vid's... that was pretty good too... DAMMIT I miss my show!! The world NEEDS more Firefly....
Now that was just... neat.
While that was nice, I have to say the editing was not really at the same level as the other one. Song preference aside (and that seems to be the main complaint of people), the way y_fish edited hers was honestly amazing. The timing of the movements went along with the beat of the music and the lyrics very precisely. This one has a couple of nice moments, but it's not really in the same realm. It's touching as far as vids go, but there are so many of them and so few that have really amazing editing. This one is above average, totally, but not quite the same.
I just...I love that song, and it was...oh my God, that was beautiful.

I definitely prefer it to the one that Joss posted.
This video is the most amazing Firefly/Serenity fan video I have ever seen! The creators, Chad and Angie, were actually the winners of the fanvideo contest at Creations salute to Firely in Burbank (October 2007). Their video was the first shown at the convention and it definately set the scene for the awesome weekend that was to come for Browncoats!

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