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January 11 2008

British pollsters rate Buffy as sixth most desired TV revival. Brief mention as BBC regurgitates fluffy press release of polling company. (In other news, British Buffy fans need to be made more aware of the Season 8 comics. And Firefly.)

I'd take Buffy TV over Buffy comics any day. And I love the comics.

It's always fun to see how big Buffy was in the UK. Come hither, Joss Whedon and friends, sit with us. Join us. JOIN US!

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Yes we had Buffy advent calendars and Easter Eggs. It was great fun.
Somebody got me a Buffy board game once. And a Buffy mug.
I still have my Buffy CD holder (I think there was an easter egg with it but that had to be eaten).

Gossi I wanted the board game just because it was there. Wasn't there a chess set too or am I losing my marbles?
Buffy towels, matching Buffy luggage, a "Buffy & Friends" Christmas special, "Buffy!: The Musical". We had it all, and we threw it away for a pocketful of empty assurances and a Qualcast edge trimmer.

(what are we, nuts ? Nobody listen to the British people, we're clearly a few bricks short of a shod, a sandwich short of a picnic, bananas, looney tunes, barmy. "Only Fools ..." already went on longer than it should - should've ended when they actually finally became millionaires, great episode, undry eyes ensued up and down the country - and 'Fawlty Towers' is perfect, at least in part, because it was only 12 episodes)
Only six? Very disappointed, but I guess I'll recover. Take care all!
Damn. I generally just got eye rolls in my general direction. Of course now I find out people I went to high school with were also watching it at the time and now re-watch the DVDs in Buffy mini-marathons just like me. Nerds!
Wait, I have a Buffy mug!

gossi, we love you to pieces. In fact, can I buy one?

Take care my friend:)
The Do That Girl - I still have my Buffy CD holder...

There was a Buffy CD holder?

Wait. Was that a Buffy themed CD holder or a holder made just for the Buffy CD? Either way, I would have wanted one. ;)

Have to admit, Buffy and Angel have been two of the few shows that ever hooked me enough to be buying random related merchandise. I kinda miss the days where you could walk into any good gift shop and see various images of Buffy, Angel and Spike covering everything from key chains and mugs to folders and birthday cards.

Saje, totally agree with your Only Fools and Fawlty Towers comments. Still think there was at least one more series in Blackadder though. The much speculated fifth series set in the 70s (I believe) and featuring a Blackadder in a band with a drummer called Bald Rick would have been a must-watch, for me. :)
There was a Buffy chocolate bar. 20th Century Fox must have made a fortune off the licensing rights for Britain.
The Buffy chocolate bars were also in North America. To which I attribute my lithe silhouette.
I think I remember the Buffy chocolate bar. Didn't it have a red "blood-like" syrup inside, or am I thinking of something else entirely?
There is no problem that cannot be solved by Buffy chocolate bar.
Indeed: Original ad, courtesy of the Wayback Machine.

ETA: more pics.

"I think I'm gonna barf."

[ edited by bovik on 2008-01-11 22:24 ]
a "Buffy & Friends" Christmas special,

A Christmas crossover between Buffy and FRIENDS? Now THAT would be something.
ha ha, the vampire chocolate bar (I can't recall if it was Spike or Angel) had raspberry (blood) filling. And there was a Willow bar, a Xander bar, and a Buffy bar. I can go check my freezer, because I definitely froze one copy of each like the spaz I am.
There were even Buffy fruit chews.

But what about an Angel TV revival?
God, there was so much cool Buffy merch (at least in the UK).

Too bad I didn't catch on until FX started airing the repeats in fall '01.
A Christmas crossover between Buffy and FRIENDS?

Could you be any less depth percepted *canned laughter* ?

"A bear, a bear ...". Is there any way we could not make a bear *canned laughter* ?

"I love you" ... "No you don't, but thanks for saying it" *canned "Awwww!"*.

Yep, it was TV history, that's fer sure.

the vampire chocolate bar (I can't recall if it was Spike or Angel) had raspberry (blood) filling. And there was a Willow bar ...

I heard that the Willow bar was filled with gay, true ?
"Only Fools ..." already went on longer than it should

Thank God, I thought I was the only one who thought like that. And they still repeat it. And I agree about Fatty Towels, Saje too.

Rokkwyld proper Purple embossed flaming 'B' tin CD holder. It's very useful.
According to the pictures in bovik's link, (thank you bovik) it was the Buffy bar that had the dark choc and rasberry center. Each of them has a quote on it. I have 2 problems with the quotes:

1. I can't read Willow's, and
2. I can't remember when Spike said "I'd like to bite you anyway."

It seems like I should remember the latter. I remember things like that. Am I losing my memory, am I just a bad fan, does he say it under his breath or what?

It is pretty funny, since I am the only person I know (other than the people I have loaned the DVD's to) that has watched BtVS, that there was merchandise like that out there. Interesting.
I never saw these before. I watched from the beginning, but wasn't really aware of fandom at all until Season six.

The closest I can think of that Spike quote is:
"not like I'd bite you anyway" that Spike says to Xander when he's tied to a chair in his basement.
That whole thing when Xander insists that he's moist and delicious, Spike rolls his eyes and calls him a nummy treat.
Also, Spike to Willow in The Initiative: "I'd bite you in a heartbeat." Same gist.
And ditto on not being able to read the Willow bar. Anyone?

I started watching Buffy after season 6 or 7 were on the air, which did at least save me from buying tons of Buffy merch, and I have so much useless junk at home that that really is a good thing. Having the DVDs/comics is enough, and the Internet, for sites like this that keep it alive pretty effectively anyway. :)
Oh I still managed to buy a ton of Buffy crap after the fact on ebay.
I was actually happy when they started making the action figures with those weird, jointy, super-posable legs because it got me to stop buying them.
Wow, I had no idea there was so much merchandise. I was completely oblivious to it all, I guess, as I came so very late to the party.
Don't forget the stake-shaped gum in the little metal faux lunchboxes.

crickets chirp

What? I have them. Somewhere. A friend gave them to me for Christmas some years ago.

And Xane I hear ya on the "super-poseable" action figures. Super-dorkable is more like it. If they'd made the joints inside the bodies that'd be one thing. And they made all the females w/the same body, I swear. And way too skinny. Plus they've got Buffy & Faith in the exact same outfit for "End of Days." Half of the Faith figures look nothing like Eliza.

I hope when the Dollhouse action figures come out they can capture her true beauty better.

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