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"I don't have to watch you Miss Frost. I can smell you."
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January 11 2008

White Noise The Light DVD giveaway by is giving away a few copies of White Noise the Light. Only requirement is to register on their boards. New members welcome to join the raffle.

Ah ha! Found it. Another site is doing the same thing.
And another one makes three

Hope everyone is supporting our Captain and entering these comps - of course, everyone should be out buying the dvd for themselves too...

[ edited by Beth'll on 2008-01-11 21:20 ]
Amazon shipped my two days ago. :) But a free one to share to the less enthusiastic would be cool...
Height Restriction. Or in other words, Wanna see Nathan (Our Captain) Fillion tour a Haunted Mental Asylum? Extra on the White Noise: The Light (USA/Canada Region 1 ) DVD

Also check out the Making of White Noise: The Light extra for Who would win in a fight between Captain Malcolm Reynolds and Lt. Starbuck from the new Battlestar Galactica.

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I just finished watching this. The movie was good, not something I would normally watch so I Netflixed it, but it'll probably go on my "to buy" list. The extras are what sold me. My goodness, I love watching Nathan be Nathan. So funny. And his response to who'd win in a fight was great.

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