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January 11 2008

(SPOILER) New dramedy for Tony! Tony stars as a rogue who is trying to live a quiet life, but his past won't let him.

This link goes to the BBC's description of the show - there're some mild plot spoilers.

Tiny pics of Tony & his daughter Emily.

woo hoo!!! Go, Tony!
Stellar news even if I don't get BBC America anymore (where I would assume it will eventually be seen).
Excellent news; can't wait to see it.
I've been dying to see him in something new. My Buffy DVDs just don't give me enough. Yeah, I'm talking about you, six.
Warren Clarke and Jenny Agutter ?

Even without ASH i'd probably check this out, could be good.
That is a classy cast. And I love it that he's described as a "hard-hitter". Go Tony!
Great! Good for him.
So it's like New Tricks for robbers rather than cops? Sounds like fun.
This is good news, even though I have no access even to BBC America, so I don't know when I'll ever see it.

Is this the first time ASH has worked with his daughter?
Yea for Tony!
And Jenny Agutter?
I would have died at 30 to have her in Logan's Run :D
I agree, Tony's co-starring with Jenny Agutter, is, for me, the next best thing to my doing it.

A oldie-but-goodie of a premise, always usable.
I'm excited that it is being written to be a comedy as well as a drama, it sounds like a great fit for Tony! I can't wait to see it (which would be years from now if I waited to see it legally... sigh).

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