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January 12 2008

Will Jonathan Woodward "Save the World"? Playbill gives details, including a cast listing... that features Jonathan as Stagger.

The Playbill has him listed, but not the site at

The photo at the Playbill article does *look* like our Jonathan.

"Stagger" is described on the NY Theatre podcast ( as a character who can slow down time. The rest of the superhero characters are: Umbra - controls shadows, Future-Knight - has a technologically advanced suit of armor of her own devising, Roach - is unkillable, Legend - gets really big, Quake - makes earthquakes.

It is not a comedy, nor a musical (although they report that there are funny moments). They say it is an "earnest piece."

If you download the podcast, Playwright Chris Kipiniak and director Michael Barakiva talk about "Save the World" as the last feature on the episode.

The photo at the Playbill article does *look* like our Jonathan.

Well, he is in NY now. He was telling the story of his drive there when he was at Serenity LA.
Revised the title: I wasn't sure of the need to include the entire cast.
Want another Buffyverse tie? The woman playing Umbra also guest-starred as a defense attorney on "Law & Order", where she played a law school friend of Serena Southerlyn, played by Elisabeth Rohm, who was Kate on "Angel".

Glad to see he's working, though. I'm thinking it takes a lot of commitment both as a performer and in the audience to watch a superhero play.
Not to be selfish or anything, as a huge Jonathan Woodward fan I of course want him to be working, but this seems to clash with his appearance at "The Chosen". No word on the Starfury boards about a cancellation. Guess I'll just have to wait and see.
During the Browncoat Cruise, Jonathon made mention of
"Some new play I'm reading, it's about Super Heroes, looks I'll be doing it... don't remember the title".
That's a paraphrase; He just mentioned it in passing in one of the Q&A Panels.
That picture doesn't look like him to me. Well, it looks like someone who resmbles him but not him per se. I'll go see it if he's in it. He's great onstage.
I was invited by the PR/publicist to come to a press showing. I expressed interest in interviewing Jonathan for my podcast, COMIC NEWS INSIDER. I just got an email yesterday saying that he is no longer in the cast.

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Well, gorramn. Could you post the relevant text portion of the email? *sigh* Ah well.
That's a damn shame. Well, it's times like these if he were still doing it, and when Alan did Prelude to a Kiss, and James had still done the play in San Francisco he was slated to do some months ago, and when Nick Brendan did his play that was so well received, that I wish I could afford a garret in any of those cities so I could see these shows that our 'Verse people participate in. Keep playing Lotto I guess and hope for the best.
ooh, I hope Jonathan will be in it.
jimmy x,
Did you see it? Is it any good? I'm wondering if it's worth a trip into NYC, even without Jonathan.
jonathan is definitely not in it. and i'm going to see it tonight.

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