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January 12 2008

James Marsters' UK concert date announced for May 2nd. He'll be performing at The Union Chapel Islington, London on May 2nd as part of his " Like A Waterfall" tour.

James will be touring to promote his new CD "Like a Waterfall" . Further dates to be announced . It's also well worth taking a look round the rest of the JMLive site which has lots of nice pictures, reports, wallpapers and other extras

Woo Hoo! Got my ticket!
Wish I could be there. I love his new CD. And when I did see him in concert at the DragonCon weekend last September, he was great.
Where exactly does this guy get the time and energy to write new material... with recurring roles in three TV series (on two continents) and filming the lead in a movie! Quite the energizer bunny.
Awwww this would be such a blast to go to. Unfortunately my sporadic work-schedule makes it impossible to plan these things *pout*
This place is right round the corner from me but I won't be going.
For those who are - it's a gorgeous venue with a ceiling to kill for, and pretty intimate.
It is a gorgeous venue, I went last year. I've booked my ticket for this too. Can't wait. I love the new album.

He's an energiser bunny with a painting in the attic as far as I can tell. It's wonderful being a fan of his, we get so much from him. What a star.

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