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January 13 2008

Firefly back on the IMDb daily poll. The question this time is "Which of these movie/TV drugs do you think would be the most addictive?" Pax from "Serenity" makes the list, though it's attributed to the show.

I think IMDB is running out of poll ideas :p.
Hmm...I didn't like the movie, but I voted for Substance D from A Scanner Darkly.

Granted, the Pax would most likely be harder to shake (because it will kill you), but when I think of itchy, messy heroin-type addiction, my thoughts go more toward something like Substance D.
Ok, how totally lame is this?
Slurm is clearly the correct answer.
Yeah, it doesn't seem to make any sense. It wasn't like anyone had a choice whether they wanted to inhale Pax, and it immediately either kills people or turns them into crazed murderers, so it's not like they have a chance to get addicted to it. I'd have to say Slurm, too. If you see it being excreted from a huge alien worm and still can't stop drinking it...
"I'd have to say Slurm, too. If you see it being excreted from a huge alien worm and still can't stop drinking it... "
Razor | January 13, 19:49 CET

Oh GOD! My brain! Get it out!
Other than the other (otto? Better eat the green one) saleen, germanic points, the pox with you till death due us port. River Styx and all.
What about Promicin or Ketracel White?
Clearly, they forgot about "muscle" from Logan's Run.
Was the Pax ever mentioned in Firefly? I thought it was from the interweb Tam Sessions and the movie Serenity. Am I being too picky?
marpocky, you only need to take promicin once, so there's no point in getting addicted to it.
Polter-Cow, you're right, I just wanted to throw another TV drug out there. It makes about as much sense as Pax.
embers, I don't think it was mentioned in Firefly... but if you click on their "Firefly" link in the poll, it actually takes you to the Serenity profile.
My question is, did the people of Miranda even know about the Pax? I didn't get the impression they did.
And Simon, I agree. The polls are getting ridiculous.

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Guess it ain't easy coming up with a new poll question everyday.
What about the spice Melange from Dune?
The link is now outdated as far as Firefly is concerned. Today's poll: What should the Academy Awards do about the WGA strike?
What. Pax is addictive now? And tannot root isn't on the list?

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