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January 14 2008

Julie Benz Talks Punisher:War Zone. Also talks a little about Rambo and Dexter.

Wow, Julie Benz is also gorgeous as a brunette, colour me astonished. Presumably they'll wrap shooting for 'Punisher' before any potential SAG industrial action so that's not a risk and her part sounds fairly substantial so good for her. And unofficial good news about 'Dexter'.

(OT BTW but they're making a 'Crank 2' ? Insane. And cool. Kind of like the first film ;)
I'll agree with the insane part ;) I thought the scripting was a bit amateur. Nice cinematography in an overly saturated and jumpy kind of way, though :)
I think if I watched it again, those things would stand out a mile but at the pictures, when you don't really know what to expect it was all about the momentum (which 'Crank' had in spades ;). 'Shoot 'Em Up' sort of tried to do the same thing but failed IMO largely because Clive Owen just didn't bring Jason Statham's slightly insane single-minded edge to his character.

Mentioned before that the sex scene didn't quite sit right with me but apart from that it was good, clean (well OK, absolutely filthy ;), disposable fun. And I actually said as we came out of the cinema that since the last thing we hear was a heartbeat, him somehow surviving for a sequel would be in line with the crazily OTT nature of the film - called it, I rule ;).
Just got a weird flash on Julie playing Laura Petrie. Seems she's taking up Mary Page Keller's typecasting throne as the girl of choice for playing Sexy Single Moms.

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Someone pointed out a while ago Julie Benz has now gone brunette and Juliette Landau has gone blonde.


(more words should end in -aroo, its a fun suffix)
So. Is Punisher: War Zone gonna have a theatrical release, or go straight to the wonderful world of DVD?
It was getting a cinema release the last I heard QuanticoMVP.

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