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January 14 2008

Christina Hendricks is underrated. Christina Hendricks (along with Elisabeth Moss, Maggie Smith Siff and January Jones) has made it onto zap2it's list of underrated people of 2007.

Also featured on the list is Tamara Taylor from Bones and Serenity.

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Is there a need for a spoiler tag?
I dunno, I think its vagued up enough that its not necessary. There certainly doesn't seem to be any specific info about any of them.
I wasn't entirely sure if a spoiler tag was necessary or not so I decided to err on the side of caution.
Not by me, she isn't.
Christina is also on another best offering, and my favorite new show, Life. She plays Charlie Crews' step-mom.
I wouldn't say that Christina Hendricks was being under rated, she is on two really great shows. Personally I'm not a fan of 'Mad Men' (but I can't deny that it is well done and popular), but I absolutely love 'Life' and I'm looking forward to seeing more of her on that.
I haven't seen Mad Men, but my favorite episode of Without a Trace was the one she was on. And of course, Our Mrs. Reynolds just gets funnier every time I watch it! I was really looking forward to more Saffron on that show. *long suffering sigh*
How is Maggie Smith underrated exactly, didn't she win an Oscar?
It's a typo, Storyteller - it should read "Maggie Siff", not "Maggie Smith" - the latter has a damehood, an Oscar, countless BAFTAs and Larries and over forty years at the top of the biz. While I have to admit I'd never heard of Ms Siff, so perhaps they're right...
I was wondering why Maggie Smith was included myself. Thanks for the catch, Gill.

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