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January 14 2008

io9 talks to the newest Terminator. Short interview with Summer Glau about her new show with a tiny hint about an upcoming Joss project at the end of the conversation. The Futon Critic has an interview with her as well where she talks about the pilot, the writer's strike, and muses about how a Terminator thinks.

BTW, is it just me or does she just keep getting prettier?
Said project would be The Serving Girl, the short-film ballet Joss mentioned at last year's Comic-Con.
It isn't just you, NYPinTA. It isn't just you.
And I'd like to know how she does that!

When I put in the "tiny hint" portion, I wasn't even thinking of Serenity 2 or anything. Just that it was something with Joss.

"Said project would be The Serving Girl, the short-film ballet Joss mentioned at last year's Comic-Con."

Oh, I forgot about that! Is it filmed already?
Oh, I forgot about that! Is it filmed already?

Not that anyone's said.
Love the picture in the article. She's beautiful when she's angry.
She's beautiful when she's angry.

I detect three extra words in that sentence.
Yep, as brought to you by the Department of Redundancy Department ;).
I was there! Well, at the show at least. I spoke with a publicist who said they would be going to WonderCon next month. So it looks like another stop on the promotion tour for Summer.

I met Brian Lynch (great guy!), took a ton of photos (check Flickr soon) and hung out with Browncoats. Not a bad day.

Summer is indeed beautiful, I think I captured a lot of Summer's different looks throughout the show.
Summer's headed to Wondercon? Well, that cliches my decision to go there.
Again, though, that's a great picture of her with the clenched teeth. If you don't mind, danregal, I'd like to see your photos from that event, and you can see my pix of the storm we had in Sacramento a few days ago that took out four apartments.
Yeah, I was talking to the publicist about Summer, and she said "they" would be going to WonderCon. I'm not going to say for sure she will be there, because we all know about scheduling, but for now they plan to be there.

I've already reached my monthly max on the Whedonesque Flickr Library, but you should easily be able to find them once they're uploaded. I think they will be up by tomorrow and my name there is danregal_ff. That storm sounds pretty bad.
OMG Summer is coming to Wonder Con in San Francisco (squee)?! I am very excited, I was already planning to go, but this is really adding to the excitement. Brian Lynch mentioned at his MySpace that his signing at the LA Comic Con went really well and that everyone was excited to see Summer Glau.
I've added k8cre8's link about The Futon Critic interview to the entry.

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