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January 14 2008

The Air I Breathe official site is now online. There's a trailer, pictures, synopsis and a list of venues where this film starring SMG is being shown.

It's a bit slow to open, but it's quite a nice site and the film looks good.

Edited to make headline more newsy.
Finally a proper site! I'm dying to see this movie... almost literally :)
Hmm, billing in "alphabeltical" order, sure sign of a true all-star cast.
Brendan Fraser, I was just wondering what the heck happened to him.

Also, this seems like an act of over-zealous spoiler-tagging. How could an official trailer for a non-fandom movie possibly "spoil" anything for anyone? Do we now go to see movies purely for the actors in them without even having seen the trailer or have any sort of idea on the basic premise of the movie? Is anyone actually like that?
Also, this seems like an act of over-zealous spoiler-tagging...

The spoiler tag has been removed (not by me), but I used it simply as a precaution. It was not intended as an act of provocation. I assumed everyone would make an informed judgement whether or not they had any interest in checking out the site.

As to watching films simply for the actors featured, I will do that in a few select instances, although admittedly I would first want a general idea of the premise of the film.

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