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January 14 2008

Angel: After the Fall #3 shipping this week. Along with 3rd printing of #1 and 2nd printing of #2.

Diamond's shipping list has Angel: After the Fall #3 shipping this week (Wednesday, January 16, 2008) along with a 3rd printing of #1 and a 2nd printing of #2.

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I got mine today ... great story ... lots of action and the ending ... wow.
People have it already? :O Lucky
I got sick of trying (and failing) to chase down After the Fall #1, so I subscribed at the IDW website. My copy of #3 arrived last Saturday. :)
I got the email from TFAW that it's on the way. I can't wait!
I stopped buying the comics through TFAW, because they take forever to deliver. It's easier to just drive to the store. Waiting a whole month or more between issues is difficult enough :-)
Resa... how do you have it? Comics generally ship Wednesday.
I'm about to give TFAW the flick, too.

I am a subscriber but am STILL waiting on Buffy #9 AND #10 and Angel #2, and to tell the truth, it's making the tales lose momentum with me. Their only plus was that despite only ordering 2 copies, I always seemed to get both covers.

Still, must look for new retailer, pronto!
I didn't realise it was out this week so thanks for the heads up.
That's awesome that you guys got it, even more awesome that you liked it, and the most awesome that you're not spoiling it. That's why I love you guys, thanks!

To those that DID read it, do you like where it is heading?
Brian, I've yet to read the third issue, and I know you've gotten a lot of crap from the Buffy crowd for this, but I just wanted to say I loved the boobage in Angel #2. It was a perfect fit for Spike. You've been doing a great job getting all their voices down, so keep up the great work.
Really though, how do people already have this?
Presumably it was despatched to them at the same time it was sent to the comics shops themselves patxshand ? Some issues actually arrive in comic shops up to a week ahead of the release date (one of my LCSs will sometimes put them on display and, though you can't buy them, you can ask to look inside - I never do cos I prefer to pore over rather than flick through but I can understand folk not wanting to wait).

Heh, and a pro boobage comment - there's a, well, not quite a first, maybe a third or fourth though ;). I think the whole thing's been pretty healthy actually, opened up the debate and got folk thinking - I do hope there weren't any threats flying in Brian or Franco's direction though, some of us can get a leetle bit crazy.
Regarding the whole boobage issue (and this goes out to everyone), I'm placing a moratorium on it as it's now become exceedingly tedious and we've flogged it to death. So if people want to wax lyrical on the issue, do so elsewhere.

Otherwise I'll take away people's buckets.
I've also given Tfaw the flick.. sorta. The only time I order from them now is if I already have it, and want another one. They take foreeeeeeverr to deliver. Wouldn't care if I didn't go online to talk about the comics. That might be the answer.. I should stop being a geek :p

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I use Forbidden Planet International for getting comics through the post but unfortunately they don't ship outside the UK. However issue 3 is listed on's Market Place and by the looks of it some of those sellers ship internationally.
I use Forbidden Planet International for getting comics through the post but unfortunately they don't ship outside the UK.

Which is sort of ironic. They should probably consider changing to "Intranational" before the trades descriptions folk get onto them (and sorry Simon, wasn't trying to restart the whole boob issue - actually avoided the last thread on it partly because I also felt like it'd been covered. So to speak ;)
Really looking forward to getting my mitts on this....and you lucky lucky so and so's that have managed to get it already!
I get mine from comic shops or ebay; the forbidden planet in Manchester is absolutely excellent, and I am only about a 20 minute walk away from it (plus Manchester central is amazing for everything, so Thursdays are often 'shopping days').

When I am back home in Reading the comic shops sucks quite a lot, I can't get variant covers and they are only open three days a week (and they have odd opening hours)so I often have to ebay items, which is expensive. I will probably put in a standing order with Forbidden Planet over the summer.
I'm in the UK and after trying out different online shops, I've settled on Economic Comics for my comics subscriptions. I think their p&p is good value.
Yeah I like the FP near me too, they lay out that week's comics so that they're nice and easy to find as well as having a great selection of TPBs/graphic novels (and they're also pretty cheap, economies of scale and all that).

I try to spread my business around a bit though, to help the smaller comics shops stay in business too (though FP are also actually fairly good about getting indie stuff in).
Still haven't read my issue #1 , will pick up 2 & 3, do a sitting for them, and then decide the future.
Does anyone know if this series is set up in arcs like Buffy season 8? That is, is there a natural break in the story after, say, every 4 or 5 issues?

I like to wait to read my issues until a story arc is completed. (I have a thing against cliff-hangers.)

The first 5 issues will conclude the first 'arc' of the story.Issues 6 and 7 will be named 'First Night' and tell the story of the night of the battle in the alley way, and how it affected other characters in the Angelverse, and LA itself.

After that I am not sure.
Thanks, angeliclestat.

For you collectors out there, the shipping list I posted above also includes the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Essence of Willow Statue. This price is kind of steep ($124.99!), but it's a pretty cool-looking figure if that's your thing.
I know I've mentioned this before, but I find midtowncomics to be much more reliable than TFAW, they ship quickly (they also ship overseas), and they don't gouge the price on the variant covers (there are 'special' covers which are more, but they actually are rarer - I order the extra copies from them that I can't get from my local store, and I keep a subscription going for all the miscellaneous comics I'm reading now because it is too much trouble to keep my local store ordering each of the independents which are published at unpredictable times.

I've gotten WAY too into comic books again, not since the 1980s have I read this many.
I can't wait for this. Unfortunately, I'll have to. My local comics store has experienced serious distribution issues with Angel: After the Fall. Despite having reserved copies with them well in advance of the first issue, I still have yet to receive an issue from them. For the first issue, they only got in two copies and those went to more highly ranked customers. For the second issue, they got nothing. I've had to get the issues about 10 days late via tfaw. So from my end, thank god for tfaw. It beats getting nothing.

Has anyone else experienced this shortage issue at their local comics shops? I've found my shop to be otherwise reliable and on top of things, so I don't think the problem is with them. They claim the distributor is not sending enough because of underestimating the demand. I understand that for the first issue, but for the second?

Grrr argh. Sorry for the rant. Guess I'm frustrated with the business end of this thing. As for the comic end, I'm excited. Can't wait to see what Brian unveils for us in Issue #3. Yay.

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Newbury Comics is our choice comicbook shop in the Boston/Providence/Hartford areas of New England. Now if only I could run into Eliza D. while purchasing my copies. :)
Does anyone else also buy multiples? I've made it a ritual to support the artists by purchasing eight copies of each one since the first Buffy Season 8 printing; I have 4 regular cover and 4 alternate cover for each Buffy and Angel printing.
Call it my own personal crusade; I think everyone should buy more than one so we can insure that the series continues for as long as Joss wants it to go on.
I think distribution delays are unique to a particular comic shop. I used to get my comics from a very small shop and I rarely (if ever) received my stuff late. The shop owner just needs to be organized and order the books on time (usually 3-6 months in advance).

My recommendation to anyone is to inform your shop owner of the books you want as soon as you hear that the book will be released. Most often, they (the comic shop owner) will know that the book is coming out before you do since they get the Previews magazine.
Here is a link to the photo cover for the 2nd printing of Issue 2
Resa... how do you have it? Comics generally ship Wednesday.

patxshand I subscribe from IDW. I get my Buffy comics from TFAW but an NOT happy with how long it takes.

To those that DID read it, do you like where it is heading?

Brian ... if you're still hanging around here I like where it's been, but I'm reserving judgement about where it's going.
That being said, I've enjoyed the ride so far and am eagerly looking forward to the next issue.

I edited the post ... thought it was ok since it was invisible... but just to be sure. Sorry if anyone looked that didn't want to know something...

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Maybe you should edit your post and write it tomorrow so people have a chance to discover everything for themselves.
I go to a small indie comic shop. There were distribution issues for #1 and 2, but that was just because they sold out on the day they all came in. Thankfully I had mine reserved...

I'm picking up #3 at the weekend: cannot wait.
My comic shop is finally caught up with the distributors. Yay! I picked it up today and devoured it. Great stuff. Too bad there's no discussion thread yet about this. Too bad, too, that there's no "Discuss Angel: After the Fall #3" permalink on the righthand menu of the front page of whedonesque. Lots to talk about.

Great work, Brian.
I bought my usual eight copies last night of issue 3, and additional copies of the second printing of issue 2 to go with my issue 1 reprints. I continue to encourage everyone to buy multiple copies of the Angel and Buffy comic books to support the series.

Brian, I like the style of the reprint cover with the photos incorporated into the artwork background, like this reprint of issue 2. Also, I just finished reading the complete book of Shadow Puppets, and I really really enjoyed it. Will it be possible that more characters from that book will show up in this series?
I also loved After the Fall issue 2, so I'm anxious to read issue 3 tonight :)

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