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January 15 2008

A Breakout Star Is Born according to Kristin. The resident TV insider for E! Entertainment and E! Online "grabbed some quality Q&A time with the lovely Miss Glau" as well.

In the brief interview, Summer refers to Serenity but does not mention it by name.

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Oh, man. I hope Summer is paraphrased, because I would never imagine her saying "I did this one movie..." in regards to Serenity. Unless she's being funny, the tone doesn't match her enthusiasm for the 'verse as previously seen. Good for her, though.
I'm sure they chose the nude upper torso image for all the posters (and the bags at the comics stores) because of how much she says in her face! :P

OK interview, although I, too, was a little surprised about the reference to "this one movie." And I'm sorry she felt she never wanted to do some of the choreographed stunts again. She did them so well--but I'm sure they were extremely difficult to do. I would agree that the stunts in Terminator lack the same grace and finesse, but then they don't need to.

I do hope she is a breakout star. She is deserving of it. And, jeez, could anyone be more gorgeous?
I noticed that too CaptainB, maybe since she was doing press for a Fox show she didn't want to plug a Universal movie?

And one of the comments slammed her for not having muscle tone. Why would a robot need muscle tone? They are designed to blend in, not attract attention, not look like commando's on steroids.
I have a really hard time believing that's Summer's torso. It looks like a mannequin top, or if not, very very airbrushed.

I also have a really hard time believing they didn't paraphrase her. ;) People don't really talk like that.
No message.

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Honestly? I think there's a whiff of contractual obligation here re: Summer's supposed reticence to call Serenity specifically by name. Wouldn't surprise me in the least if her contract with Fox for either Firefly or Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles or her contract with Universal for Serenity prevented her from mentioning the film by name for certain reasons (promotion of a non-Fox product or promotion of a Universal product outside specified moments). Cuz I can't see Kristen leaving out the name of the film since I thought she was a mucho grande Browncoat?
Congrats to Summer on the success so far of TSCC, hopefully it will have a long run.

As for the "one movie I did" comment, I think folks are reading too much into her words there.
She was asked about training for her fight scenes, a common question in the recent interviews I've read and in most of those either she or the interviewer will directly reference Serenity. In this case she made the comparison between movie fighting style versus the tv series fighting style and didn't mention the film by name. I don't think it has anything to do with contracts or a loss of enthusiasm for the 'verse, she was just answering a question she'd been asked many times before.

As recently as this past weekend at her LA Con appearance she spoke about how much the Firefly/Serenity experience meant to her. If you haven't read it, check out the 1o9 interview that was linked to on the front page, in that she's says she'd go back to do more Firefly "in a heartbeat".

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Mountain meet molehill.

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