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January 16 2008

Dr. Tam in the hospital, for appendicitis. Zac Efron (Young Simon in "Safe") underwent an emergency appendectomy yesterday. Undergoing an emergency operation before you become a doctor yourself; does that seem right to you?

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I always forget how Zac Efron was young Simon, and then always laugh when I remember. Bizarre how 'huge' he's become.
I forgot he was on Firefly too. They grow up so quickly. Bet on it!
He was adorable in Hairspray. All cheeky with his shellacked hair, and the kid truly has a decent set of pipes.

I also consider him to be yet another example of how Joss and Co. are able to spot enormously talented people early on, and place them somewhere in the verse, however briefly.
Wow. I totally missed that fact. How weird!! Efron as Simon Tam.
Ashley, that describes me exactly.
I think Jessica Alba described him best

He looks like a child with a lot of make-up.


I hate to say it but I think many of the actors in very small roles in Joss' shows have been, like those in many other shows, pretty poor. I don't really see the talent and ability the rest of you see in Zac Efron.
But he's such a little cutie, Razor! I'm sure his appeal with young girls is that he's not testosterone-y enough to be threatening, while still being conventionally 'hot'.

I, too, got the giggles the first time I saw HSM with my niece and realized I was looking at 'young Simon'.

I've always seen Simon as being a tad effeminate and a bit TOO reliant on the females around him. Little Zacquisha strikes me in much the same way, so I deem it to have been a most excellent casting choice.
Yup, I pretty much refer to him as Young Simon Tam. That's why he's awesome. I haven't seen him in anything else.

As to looks? When he smiles, it's way too much like the cute wholesome boys of the Disney channel. Which makes sense, I know, with the connection to Disney, but still. Even on the cover of Rolling Stone, it's just, "Nope, not hot." And then you open the magazine and turn to the article and Oh Dear Lord you are sexy when you don't turn on that teenybopper-magnet smile...

But yes. That sucks he has appendicitis. But that's pretty minor as long as you catch it - I mean, it's an easy fix once you're at the hospital, right? Compared to other stuff. AIDs... Car accidents... Lupus... random crap on House... those are complicated and difficult. Appendicitis? "What's that? One of your organs is going to EXPLODE and make you DIE? Meh, we'll just take it out. It'll be the new cat toy."

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